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Personalized Automatic Dishwasher

Configure for the current need
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Lots of pots and pans to wash? No problem. Odd-shaped dishes or bowls? Easy peasy. Tons of glassware needs cleaning? No sweat.

The dishwasher comes as a blank slate. Just two, flat shelves. Washing pots and pans is now easy. No prongs in the way. If you need to wash bowls or plates, drop in the dish insert and you can load away. After a party, drop in the glass inserts and do an entire load of glassware. Each insert can be purchased to meet your need or style of dish or glassware.

Klaatu, Feb 11 2013

Inspiration http://www.dishwash...edium=USAT%20Recirc
[Klaatu, Feb 11 2013]

Commercial Dishwasher http://www.webstaur...iceGrabber+Campaign
They make under-counter commercial dishwashers like this in both low-temperature and high-temperature models. The slide-in plastic commercial racks are available in a variety of configurations for whatever you want to wash, just like in restaurants and other commercial kitchens. [jurist, Feb 12 2013]


       Cool. Ours sorta does this as the individual dividers fold down to accomodate pots and such.
I had to install an industrial dishwasher in our home once for a food prep business that used stackable racks. It was a bit power hungry, but one heck of a dishwasher. Three minutes a load!

       //a food prep business that used stackable racks//   

       Why is that significant? Was that your signature service or something? Stack-a-Rack™ Catering?
ytk, Feb 12 2013

       The racks should come as a Meccano or Lego-like kit of parts which you can use to build custom racks to suit your specific tableware and crockery.
hippo, Feb 12 2013

       The link that [jurist] gave is for a commercial unit that costs $3K+. My idea is for those of us purchasing that $300 Whirlpool. For the manufacturers, they could sell at a loss-leader price and then get you at the back end, selling racks. Also, with a modular rack system, you could even have half rack$ or quarter rack$. All of those rack$ would be additional profits.
Klaatu, Feb 12 2013


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