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Pot Bot

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Get your Pot Bot today! This little guy is waterproof heatproof and ready to work. The size of a block of butter and as heavy as a fish, simply chuck it into any pan or pot that needs some soaking and scrubbing.

A simple lens allows dirt detection, and a path plotting algorithm very similar to a household vacuum

It will spend the next hour lightly scrubbing your crusty burned dish. Pause, and then start again if it sees any immobile flecks.

Burn all the sausages you like! Boil that macaroni! Use stainless instead of toxic stickless!

Let the little guy deal with it! It charges via the induction current on induction stoves as well, so no need for charging!

Then chuck the tool in a dishwasher and clean it up!

mylodon, Apr 29 2023


       Imagine that this little guy, weighing the same as a fish, is resting its full weight on a patch of burned-on amorphous carbon. Imagine that it has somehow achieved a decent coefficient of friction. Imagine that its little engine is waggling it back and forth; much of that energy is going to be wasted making waves in the water in the pot while the burned-on patch stays firmly attached.   

       Therefore, give the little guy arms that it can clamp to the rim of the pot in, let's say, three places; clamp and lock.   

       *Now*, when it has something to push against, let it start scrubbing.
pertinax, Apr 29 2023

       I think it'd work? Given time. And soap. Maybe oven cleaner. It's not your hands in the dish anymore.   

       The side gripping more fixed mechanical solution exists I'm just looking effectively for a kitchen sponge that doesn't need my hand.
mylodon, Apr 29 2023

       Use someone else's hand.
pocmloc, Apr 29 2023

       In my anarcho-syndicate commune, I seem to have to do all the washing. The only path to labor equity is freedom through capitalist goods.
mylodon, Apr 29 2023

       // anarcho-syndicate commune //   

       AKA married life?
a1, Apr 29 2023


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