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pop-up kitchen appliances

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One of the hassles of cooking is getting the various appliances out of the cupboards and then assembling them.

solution: install appliances underneath the kitchen bench so they can pop-up through trap doors.

xaviergisz, Dec 14 2006

here is one http://www.ovisonli...ML-HDCR&referer=gml
[xandram, Dec 14 2006]


       fuck yeah! i'm hearin ya   

       how would ya do it?, compressed air?, or spring loaded mechanism's which you push down hard so a latch/catch, locks them in.   

       i'll bun that !!!
Stork, Dec 14 2006

       Instant minimalism! Can there be a trap door to the bin too, please?
squeak, Dec 14 2006

       I've seen something similar. Within the cabinet is a shelf that raises and lowers on metal, folding arms, so one can place a heavy mixer or something on it, then just pull it out and up to the level of the counter.
I found a link.
xandram, Dec 14 2006

       How would you clean the appliances?
Jscotty, Dec 14 2006

       You could take apart an old sewing machine table for the mechanism
BunsenHoneydew, Dec 14 2006

       Could this be voice activated? I don't just want to be a Chef, I want to be a Star Fleet Commander Chef. "Activate Can Opener".
Chefboyrbored, Dec 15 2006


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