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Online access to CDs in transit
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When you buy CDs online, the supplier provides you with (temporary?) access to MP3s of the tracks until the discs arrive.

Fraught with licensing and technology difficulties, I know, but there are CDs that just aren't on iTunes/allofmp3/emusic.

willard_b_trophy, Feb 09 2005


       This might work, but you'ld probably have to pay extra. Tunes that aren'et already available on the other sources you list would probably have to be ripped for you by your vendor.
gardnertoo, Feb 09 2005

       Wouldn't work for the same reason this CD wasn't on iT/aom/em in the first place.
Worldgineer, Feb 09 2005

       When I preordered a CD once, I was given access to an mp3 that is encoded on the CD. It's not the whole CD, but it's the same sort of thing. Does that make this baked, sort of?
tekym, Feb 10 2005

       If I had seen this a week ago after I ordered Loudon Wainwright III's 'A Live One" I'd probably have bunned it. Since I recieved it today and enjoyed it even more than I would have done otherwise due to the anticipation, I'm flinging bones.
stilgar, Nov 19 2006


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