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Publish Tags To Web

plugin to automatically publish your tags to a website
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If your a neat freak like I am you take some pride in all the time you spent on tagging your mp3s. What if some mp3 player were to allow you to publish your mp3s to either your own website or a free host for mp3 tags (they're small so their should be someone willing to do that).

1. Functionality of uploading tags to your own site A. People could see what you were into. B. People could trust you as a tagger and replace their tags with yours for any mp3s that they held common with you.

2. Functionality of uploading to a TAG site. You could search for tags in a number of ways or use it like you would CDDB. A. You could see a complete listing of taggers and decide which ones you trusted and then replace your own tags with any that matched your selected users. B. You could search all your mp3s or the ones that were tagged improperly and have them replaced by tags most popularly downloaded or containing the information that you wanted. C. You could see a listing of all the tags that matched your search query and hit a plus sign to the side or the most popular tag to see alternatives. The results would be given in a spreadsheet format and you could select the tagging areas that you want to replace your old tags either by a column on a whole or by individually selecting cells. D. You could submit a request to have any tag filled for you if what you searched for was too obscure. E. You could simply look through tags based on genre, mood, artist. That would give a more complete listing of an artists works (live - based on time, freestyle, radio, rare, demos) then something like www.allmusicguide.com.

Also, commonly mislabled songs (Folk version of GIN AND JUICE for instance) would have a link next to them showing the different versions and any submitted evidence as to what is the correct way to label the song.

This idea is different then CDDB (more selective) and Mood Logic (free).

dreamquixote, Aug 25 2002

Ginger http://www.allmusic...g&sql=Bbx1m965o3ep5
Baker [thumbwax, Aug 25 2002]

Baker http://www.allmusic...sql=B5e881v0jzzca~C
Ginger [thumbwax, Aug 25 2002]

Ginger Baker http://www.allmusic...mg&sql=R3618#APPEAR
Appears On [thumbwax, Aug 25 2002]

Lavern Baker http://www.allmusic...g&sql=B42o7gj4rj6ix
When she was young, she was the sexiest Baker alive [thumbwax, Aug 26 2002]


       //This would be better then www.allmusicguide.com because it would give a more complete listing of an artists works (live - based on time, freestyle, radio, rare, demos)//
That's a rather tall order.
thumbwax, Aug 25 2002

       oops... no I love www.allmusicguide.com - sorry about that. It wouldn't be better. What I mean to say is unlike allmusicguide it would give a more complete listing of artists works
dreamquixote, Aug 25 2002

       Oh. I was thinking this would be another one about electronic graffiti.
DrCurry, Aug 25 2002

       Dream - I've posted 3 links - each of the same person in AMG.
Note how in Link 1, the Bio is short, and the "Appears On" is of minute size
In Link 2, the Bio is expanded - but still, the "Appears on" is miniscule
On Link 3, you see a complete listing of what the Baker appears on, sans Bio.
By pressing on any album listed in any of these places, you can expand further - song titles, lengths, usually some information on who was there - circumstances, etc.
You can also click on a song from an album and find out who he recorded it with - let alone others who've recorded the song. So on and so forth
thumbwax, Aug 25 2002

       Amazingly enough - I used Internet Explorer!
thumbwax, Aug 25 2002

       The title of this idea suggested to me a way to search page source code literals … guess not, but I did find enough about musical affiliations to keep me busy for awhile. Thanks ¯thumbwax, now if only I can buy some of these obscure titles.
reensure, Aug 25 2002

       // If your a neat freak like I am you take some pride in all the time you spent on tagging your mp3s. //   

       _Neat_ isn't the word that came to my mind.   

       'wax, you should set up the gingerbakery.com.
waugsqueke, Aug 26 2002

       I'd just as soon set up the lavernbakery or chetbakery
thumbwax, Aug 26 2002

       Sounds like an XML schema.
phoenix, Aug 27 2002


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