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zip code, frequency (or station name), date and time, viola - that's what that song is!
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Wouldn't it be great if their was one website you could go to where any hip radio DJ's and Newscasters would publish the songs, person interviewed, or any related information to what they played and you could search for it based on your location and a radiostations frequency?

Also, if CD's were played on this radiostation information like that could be automatically uploaded via CDDB.

I must know if this site already exsists!

dreamquixote, Aug 25 2002

Who Sings That Damn Song? http://www.halfbake...at_20Damn_20Song_3f
Same problem, but solved based on the music itself, rather than the station. [jutta, Aug 26 2002]

Sony pulls out of "eMarker" (Sep 2001) http://news.com.com...75.html?legacy=cnet
This may have been the device DrCurry remembers. Unit is a keychain; allows user to "bookmark" a song, look it up on a computer over the net later. This came only a year after the makers of a similar device, the "iTag", went out of business. [jutta, Aug 26 2002]

*CD (US nationwide in 2000) http://www.starcd.com/
Specify approximate time and station; get link to purchase opportunitiy for CDs, related products. There also used to be www.buzzhits.com/ 1-800-777-BUZZ, but they seem to no longer be active. [jutta, Aug 26 2002]


thumbwax, Aug 25 2002

       I don't know about a CDDB, but you can get car radios that can identify the song playing for use later. Forget the details (don't drive enough to find it useful).
DrCurry, Aug 25 2002

       For the more esotericially-minded DJs, playlists for are available in magazines and on fansites. For commercial radio, the song you like will be played again in 25 minutes anyway.
calum, Aug 25 2002


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