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Pregnancy Twest: Results tweeted automatically to your twitter feed
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The first pregnancy-test that saves you the trouble of sharing the results with your intimates... simply enter your twitter account information into the wireless "wand" and then pee on the end of it as directed, and 5 minutes later, you and everyone you know will know if you're knocked up!
mimz, Oct 04 2012


       and suddenly you are unfriended by 50% of your contacts!
po, Oct 04 2012

       This I like.
neelandan, Oct 04 2012

       //and suddenly you are unfriended by 50% of your contacts!//.....you mean you have sex with 50% of your contacts?
xenzag, Oct 04 2012

       Well it would be immoral to have sex with both of them, wouldn't it!
DrBob, Oct 04 2012

       Is this a thing, letting people know you are pregnant from the moment that your test comes up positive? I thought best practice was to wait until 12 weeks after yr last period, once you are out of the miscarriage danger zone.   

       Anyway, once we get into a broader range of retail home diagnostic products ("Simply defecate in the handy machinewashable bag and the seventeen computer processors will assess your stool for signs of gluten intolerance, Bell's Palsy, autism and bees"), then this principle can be widened out to full social media dissemination of all your mechanically-, rather than self-, diagnosed ailments.
calum, Oct 04 2012

       Sounds fab. You could set up automated response tweets as well, so that you can be the first to respond to your friends good news. "Congratulations on your positive test for bowel cancer!".
DrBob, Oct 04 2012

       Come to think of it, in the right hat my child does somewhat resemble Elmer Fudd...
RayfordSteele, Oct 04 2012

       I'm already far to aware of the most mundane and profound matters of complete strangers thankyouverymuch. This would be a convenience to me only in that I would know to never have any contact with you again.
WcW, Oct 04 2012

       You wouldn't want to pick up the wrong box in the store.
FlyingToaster, Oct 04 2012

       No, I would cut off contact if my "friend" made me privy to such a fact without first considering if I was even interested. After all, false positives are very common in the stick style pregnancy test. Furthermore until more is known it is not news that we "tweet" for we might bring false hope to those who care, and disgust to those who do not.
WcW, Oct 04 2012

       There's an "I'd poke that" pun in there somewhere.
FlyingToaster, Oct 05 2012


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