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Sideclip underclothes

Eliminate unintentional arse flashing
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After watching the pathetic embarressed struggles of people attempting to retain their modesty whilst wrestling out of their bathing clothes under a towel, I decided that the design of bathing clothes and the accompanying underclothes could be easily modified to eliminate this inconvienience. Enter Sideclip. Bathers and underclothes that have a fastening on the side of one leg, thus allowing the wearer to remove and put them down one leg of their trousers. Alternatively we could attempt to overcome the cultural conditioning that forbids men to wear clothing on the lower part of their body that doesn't meet in the crotch area.
nichpo, Aug 08 2003

(?) For [nichpo] http://www.rallybad...ges/misc/braces.jpg
Braces; generally used to hold up your trousers. [silverstormer, Oct 04 2004]


       Eliminate unintentional arse flashing. Easy. Do it intentionally.   

       One of the funniest things I've ever seen was a middle aged woman getting undressed inside one of those curtain things that you put round your neck. On a nudist beach.   

       Being british myself and therefore terribly shocked by people taking their clothes off (there's skin under there!), I have only recently discovered the pleasures of nude swimming. Believe me, it's much nicer, although sand can get in crevices.
squeak, Aug 08 2003

       [squeak] - to avoid the sand problem, I suggest you swim in water.
PeterSilly, Aug 08 2003

       Aaaahhhh! That's where I was going wrong.   

       Another ridiculous sight I forgot to mention. A woman (again on nudist beach) with nothing on at all except two sticky-on nipple covers to protect her modesty ...sheesh. Kinda like those american strip clubs where all the dancers wear nip tassles, if you can believe the films.
squeak, Aug 08 2003

       [nichpo] I believe the answer is underwear braces.
silverstormer, Aug 08 2003

       [squeak] Well if you like swimming au naturel you should try living in Stockholm, it's almost a national pastime over here, particularly on the way home from the pub at 3 o'clock. Oh and please elucidate [silverstormer]
nichpo, Aug 08 2003

       [nichpo] Check my link.
silverstormer, Aug 08 2003

       but surely [silverstormer] if you attatch these to your undergarments you will only succeed in grundying/wedgeying/melvining yourself.
nichpo, Aug 08 2003

       I didn't say it would be comfortable, but it's the price us decent folk have to pay for our modesty.
silverstormer, Aug 08 2003

       squeak, could those stick-on covers have been for sunburn prevention?
AO, Aug 08 2003

       Oh, for goodness' sake! You're on a beach! Dispense with the coverups altogether, I say.
DrCurry, Aug 08 2003

       [squeak]//Kinda like those american strip clubs where all the dancers wear nip tassles, if you can believe the films.//
Oh, they're for real. Thanks to all the do gooding rich men's wives. It's been many, many a year since I've been there, but based on memory, the strippers hate them too.
Zimmy, Apr 30 2005


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