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psychic licensing

require psychics advertising on tv to be licensed
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I would propose that the FCC require persons advertising their psychic services or abilities on television to be licensed. In order to get a license, the psychic, tarot card reader, tea leaf reader, etc,. would merely go to the nearest federal government office and request a psychic test license. The test would consist of 100 questions. In order to pass the test, be licensed and allowed to advertise "psychic" abilities on television, the person taking the test would be given a #2 pencil, a blank sheet of paper, and told to go into a room and write down what the 100 questions are without seeing the questions. If the 100 questions they write down match the 100 questions listed on the test, they get their license.

It would be a nice, legal, constitutional way to get rid of those annoying late night psychic hotline and tarot card reader ads.

Madisonman, Jan 25 2001

$1 Million Paranormal Challenge http://www.randi.or...lenge/challtxt.html
Skip the license and the work, just apply here and take home a sweet $1,000,000. [jutta, Jan 25 2001]

(?) David G. Myers: Premonitions or Pretensions? http://www.davidmye...ial/esp5e/esp4.html
The "nearly 40% use" number in [nbrosie152]'s annotation is actually "35% admit to have used at least once" and goes back to a survey by Sweat & Durm in 1993. When they "asked the police departments of America's 50 largest cities whether they ever used psychics, 65 percent said they never had. Of those that had, not one had found it helpful."
Strangely, that last bit is rarely quoted by "police psychics" or the media that write about them. [jutta, Jan 25 2001]

Greta Alexander's Legacy http://www.reall.or...reta-alexander.html
Detailed account of a prominent psychic's role in a murder case showing how she contributed nothing to the investigation. [pottedstu, Apr 25 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Somehow I don't think that a small disclaimer at the bottom of the screen reading "not a real psychic" would deter anyone from calling.Besides, it's not like those commercials are any less entertaining than the actuall program you were watching at two in the morning.
buckrogers, Jan 27 2001

       There is no need for them to pass all 100 questions, though... 70 would be quite decent :)
danilom, Jan 27 2001

       Why not just get a buch of psychics to determine who else is psychic? If you're really psychic all you need to do is to broadcast your address, and get your license in the mail.
rmutt, Jan 29 2001

       All they should need to do to qualify for a licence is ask for one at the correct government office. Which office? That's the test. Clairvoyants should be able to see it. Precognitives can foretell where their future selves will have got theirs. Mediums (or is that media?) can ask for spiritual advice. Telepaths should get the hell out of my mind - I don't know!
sirrobin, Jan 30 2001

       I agree that many of the psychics we see online are phony. But, like one other person said, there are diclaimers on every one of those commercials stating "For Entertainment Purposes Only". I mean, not every psychic is a phony. Nearly 40% of Police departments in the United States use legitimate psychics to help them solve cases.
nbrosie152, Jan 30 2001

       Just because they use them doesn't mean they aren't phony.
PotatoStew, Jan 30 2001

       degroof: "I don't know... just a bunch of wavy lines."
centauri, Jan 30 2001

       degroof: "Made in Hong Kong"?

Meanwhile, back on the topic. Why should all those phoney psychics have to have a license? None of the other lying advertisers do.
DrBob, Jan 31 2001

       Taiwan. Hong Kong. They're all just part of China (ask any communist). I thought I did well to pick up the oriental aura at this distance. Can I have the million dollars now please?
DrBob, Feb 01 2001

       Aristotle: You're idea sounds good in theory, but I get confused when I consider "what" we'd be licensing. If you take away the abilities one usually associates with psychics (e.g. ability to see the future, read minds and general fortune telling) the psychic is basically left with a skill-set not unlike those utilized by therapists. Consequently, cases of fraud would be much more difficult to make.
iuvare, Feb 01 2001

       iuvare: would it then follow that we should license them as therapists or psychologists?
PotatoStew, Feb 01 2001

       Potatostew: Your point is well taken, and I would like to know myself.
iuvare, Feb 01 2001

       Hi everyone, I was searching the net and stumbled upon this site and I found it very amusing and steryotypical. I am a spiritual advisor a litte bit different than a "general psychic" (I will explain in a moment) I agree to most of you, we should be licensed to work for 900 lines; I joined a ministry so that I wouldn't have to use/say "For Entertainment purposes only" everytime it was mentioned that I was a psychic. Because I believe that although most are fake there are real psychics, and no one can actually tell you that you're psychic it is just something that you know. Sure, Sure they have the esp test that are designed for Clarivoyants, and intuitives. But what about Clairaudients, Clarisentients, and Empaths? You would have to work at a case by case basis with each person. Actually, when you think about it there is no real test because we are all different! In my case as a spiritual advisor, I will tell you whatever I have to say to help you make the right decision and choices in your life to better yourself and ones around you, so you cannot judge what I say as "right and wrong" or "true or false".   

       The truth is anyone can become a psychic, some of us recognized our gifts at a young age, others later on. (late bloomers) to prove my point in this; READ THE BIBLE!!! 1 Corinthians Chapter 12 explains the spirtual gifts that are bestowed upon men by the "Holy Spirit" or "Power of God". Chapter 13 tells you that the most important gift is the Love and Charity that should come first before you offer your gift (or reading) to someone. This is a good doctrine, I follow it myself!   

       My advice is (Not for entertainment purposes only!) ask around if you need help you will find it, sometimes you dont need a deck of cards to tell you anything!   

       Love & Light to you all!   

       (P.S. i'm not reading the inscription on a ring, now thats for entertainment purposes only!)
Wiccacraeft, Mar 18 2001

       Someone needs to introduce Wiccacraeft to Vernon. Or at least base a sitcom on it.
bookworm, Mar 18 2001

       Wiccacraeft: since you are quoting from the Bible... it also says that any true prophet will acknowledge that Jesus Christ came to Earth in the flesh, and that he is Lord. If a prophet doesn't declare these things, then he or she is not of God, and his or her gifts therefore are not from the Holy Spirit. Which would you say applies to you?
PotatoStew, Mar 18 2001

       Okay, personal experience should have taught me better than to get into a fight between well-read Wiccans and Christians, but I think this cliche needs to be said: If they're really psychic, shouldn't they call you?
nick_n_uit, Mar 18 2001

       "The psychic friends network went out of business. Didn't you see that coming?"
StarChaser, Mar 18 2001

       Hm. I can see where psycho licensing might be a good idea.
bristolz, Apr 25 2002

       There definitely needs to be some regulation established. I don't know about a license though. Does BOZO the CLOWN need a license? After all, he's only making a living "for entertainment purposes only". Right?   

       I recommend reading "Why People Believe Weird Things" by Michael Shermer. As far as the Bible thing, anyone can start a religion and write a "Bible". The overall principles are comforting, but it's been proven that the Bible contradicts itself.   

       Hey, let's kills our brothers, beat our children, and have multiple spouses. The Bible says it's ok. By the way, which Bible was that????
getagrip, Dec 21 2002

       Inside of the ring says Forever Love......Jamie
Medium, Feb 03 2003

       Make The Amazing Randi the Secretary of Psychic Licensing, and you have my croissant...
dbsousa, Feb 04 2003

       No more need for this than there is for an alchemist's license.
mrthingy, Feb 05 2003


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