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Park eating area minus the inebriated

have a park gazebo without the drunk
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The town that I used to live in had a park with a gazebo/eating area and park stuff in it. It was usually okay during the day, but some days, we'd find that the local drunks had been there the night before and sent their anti-blessings on it. So what I want is some form of protection that could work at night, either a fence or some form of fiendish obstacle course that would work as a childrens playground by day, and protect the park at night by those who've had one for the road, one for their health, one for their uncle.... [later] okay, the revised edition, ie, how this thing shall work: I just have to add the moat (thanks for the idea, wagster), plus the revolving thing (david_scotherns' idea), except the stairs revolve with it, so during the night, at a set time, the stairs revolve to the other side, which will probably foil some of the jolly drunkmen, and the moat will be probably knee-high deep with a fence surrounding it to stop small kids falling in, drowning, and the local council getting sued. Is that detailed enough? [even later] The drunks that get caught have to pay a fiver (in local currency to get out. Sorry, but no Marios, I think the super-hero-plumber business has gone into decline...
froglet, Feb 14 2005

froglet http://sloo.com/Fel.../TreeFrogInHand.JPG
google shows me pictures of little frogs [Worldgineer, Feb 14 2005]

Mobile Parkwatch Mobile_20Parkwatch
This would solve part of the problem? [Pellepeloton, Oct 07 2006]


       give them free tickets to Drunk Land.
benfrost, Feb 14 2005

       Dig a moat around the gazebo and provide a girder for access. Drunks get wet, sober people stay dry and best of all, sober people who go there to spend the night drinking white cider will end up drunk and trapped where people can laugh at them.
wagster, Feb 14 2005

       Have the girder slowly revolve round and round the gazebo, just for good measure.   

       <edit> Maybe it could revolve quickly. You _really_ wouldn't want to fall in then.
david_scothern, Feb 14 2005

       This is no invention.
bristolz, Feb 14 2005

       No, but it could be. Me and [ds] were trying.   

       [froglet] - get baking!
wagster, Feb 14 2005

       Definitely flesh it out a bit, [froglet].   

       No vote...yet....
shapu, Feb 14 2005

       Hmm... the gazebo looks nice, but it's a bit morbid with all of the dead people in the moat. Perhaps you should add alligators.   

       If it's really a problem you can close the place at night. Just add an annoying strobe light that's triggered by a motion sensor. Then you only have to worry about blind drunks and perhaps people who get strobe-related seizures.   

       On second thought, getting drunk and running down to play in the strobe light sounds kind of fun. You'd better change that to a loud annoying buzzer. Or a spray of water.
Worldgineer, Feb 14 2005

       froglets. what do those look like, I wonder? little frogs? frog pieces?
k_sra, Feb 14 2005

       So drunk people fall into the moat, and are trapped by a fence? Nice. Maybe they could live off the scraps people throw them during lunch.
Worldgineer, Feb 14 2005

       "Mummy, can we go drunk baiting after lunch?"
wagster, Feb 14 2005

       Note: anything designed to keep people out of private places (especially haloed drinking grounds) will only be seen a challenge by most drunks.
brodie, Feb 14 2005

       [+] if you can get it to resemble some old school video game with moving ladders, etc. That'll make it even more fun!
brodie, Feb 14 2005

       You could skip the gazebo moat and just put one around your neighborhood, full of miscreant-hungry alligators.
Wisconsin, Feb 15 2005

       Old school video game, such as putting a large gorilla on top of the gazebo to throw barrels at the drunks?   

       I wouldn't mind the gazebo to trap drunks by having doors on the gazebo close and lock once they have entered. Then the gazebo starts spinning and centrifugal force pushes them against the walls until morning.
MrDaliLlama, Feb 15 2005


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