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Over speed limit authorization

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Sometimes when driving on a near empty highway, or road, the speed limit feels way too restrictive.

What would be nice if there is a device, that can interface with a highway or freeway sensors, and if there is not many cars on the road... can authorize the car driver to legally drive over the nominal speed limit.

During 'authorized speeding', the device will flash it's LED and display the updated temporary speed limit. It would also alert you, on how far the next car ahead is, so you can be warned when the 'speeding authorization' is going to expire.

This authorization is dependent on car spacing, and could perhaps require the driver to drive in the middle lane only.

Also getting the device could be gotten by paying a bit extra to get advance driving lesson. If caught speeding too often without permission, you would not be allowed to use this device.

This is good for speed freaks who likes to stay within the law, but is frustrated at lame speed limits on empty roads. And also provides incentives to stick within the rules.

mofosyne, Oct 20 2014

What is zimmerframes? http://www.clearwel...guides/zimmerframes
Stuff for old people [mofosyne, Oct 21 2014]


       Is there a Zimmer frame application?   

       NB just a minor point but it's in the public:city category
not_morrison_rm, Oct 20 2014

       //authorization is dependent on car spacing   

       And road bend radius, surface conditions, moose sightings, sun position, presence/absence of a centre median/divider, etc.
the porpoise, Oct 20 2014

       You might have a problem with pedestrians or bicyclists trying to cross that empty road, who can't be expected to be carrying the devices needed to let your authorized-speeding device know they are there.
Vernon, Oct 20 2014

       I assumed this would only be used on limited access highways, and only in areas without deer or moose.
scad mientist, Oct 20 2014

       I fear this is just a different way of thinking of the existing limit system. We already have a maximum limit, then we revise that downward when driving conditions deviate from the ideal. You're suggesting having a limit that you revise upward when conditions improve and presumably downward when things get worse.
bs0u0155, Oct 20 2014

       Isn't the speed limit as it currently is, designed for the worst case driver?
mofosyne, Oct 20 2014

       And the worst case car... You mention keeping separation. But maybe the system could take into account other vehicles. Say there is a modern pickup truck that can safely do 85 mph down some road, but you're in a sports car that can safely do 100 mph. As you come up behind the truck, the truck is notified to slow to 70 (the normal speed limit) and pull to the right, and you're notified to slow to 80. After you pass, both of your speed limits are increased again.
scad mientist, Oct 20 2014

       All highways should be autobahn.   

       This lends itself to automated vehicles, which could also change speed depending on proximity of stationary or moving obstacles. I imagine, in the not too distant future, trains of independently automated vehicles with a few inches between them, and communications between all of them and other road users. Such trains would be efficient due to reduced frontal area, and be able to travel at speeds which would make existing road speeds appear rather slow. A full network of these vehicles would not require traffic lights or speed limit signs. Your grandchildren would ask you "You mean, you actually used to steer an autocar down the road by yourself? Wasn't that dangerous?"
Ling, Oct 21 2014

       Still nothing on the Zimmer frame application. The public has a right to know.
not_morrison_rm, Oct 21 2014

       Zimmer(man) was framed by the NSA!
RayfordSteele, Oct 22 2014


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