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Nomadic Ideas

Ideas that roam freely about the halfbakery
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Amazingly, [Nomadic_Wonderer] gave me this idea.

Some ideas on this forum have the blessing of being applicable to more than one category. For example, the brilliantly conceived "Coffee Cup Watermark" could be appropriate in Food:Coffee, Product:Mug, or even Product:Office Supply.

It is a shame to pigeonhole an idea with such wide-ranging potential into just one category. Perhaps the "Category, Pick One" listbox may be modified into a "Select All That Apply" box instead; each idea becoming free to roam around within its categories of membership.

Now, we mustn't just grant wandering ability to *every* stupid idea that gets posted here. To prevent trolls from selecting every category at once, it should be voted upon by us, the half-bakers, whether an idea should be granted "wandering" status. Perhaps a minimum croissantage for this privilege must be earned, or a friendly [marked-for-wandering] endorsement posted and approved by a moderator.

Once granted Wandering status, an idea will appear in a different category on every visit, reminding readers of its broad scope of potential, and also inspiring readers by directing them to pages of the halfbakery that they might not have visited otherwise.

phundug, Nov 13 2003


       I love this...as long as it rests easy with jutta and her band of merry mods (what are they drinking? that they are so merry?)   

       goodness I don't even know how this would work/woik, it just feels right!
po, Nov 13 2003

       Confusing and pointless... yet stangely fascinating. (looks to see if phundug has changed the category) (po: me, dodgy tea from the office 'coffee' machine, can't answer for the rest.)
st3f, Nov 13 2003

po, Nov 13 2003

       It might spark a competition for someone to come up with an idea that bridges all categories.
Condiment, Nov 13 2003

       jutta did once allow ideas to go in multiple categories at the same time, and this is wonderfully half-baked. But I think you are, in the end, getting hung up on the interface.
DrCurry, Nov 13 2003

       Yes, *vey* stangely.
st3f, Nov 13 2003

       I think it's a great idea! Novelty is formed by making connections in ways that other's haven't. I think that's kind of the purpose of this forum is to generate Novelty, or in the very least to harness the power of other minds to tell you if the Novelty has already been realized and succeded or failed.   

       There are data mining web engines that do nothing but surf the web all day long trying to form "new knowledge" and "new ideas" by relating things that haven't yet been related or paired. Kinda like what psychadelic drugs were touted and purportedly created to do ... bend and warp reality in hopes that you would see a new pattern emerge out of the chaos that you wouldn't have ordinarily have seen. A filter or augmenter of a sort.   

       Anyone seen my lucky charms super secret decoder ring?
DeusExMachina, Nov 13 2003

       There are catagories?
ato_de, Nov 14 2003

       good moaning, st3f.. you learning French or something?
po, Nov 14 2003


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