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pyschic service call technician

Specialized psychic who improves reception for union psychics
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I have identified a common problem with psychics, which should provide a market for other psychics with specialized skills. Too often the well-meaning pyschic will tell the client or audience that they are not able to determine the identify of a 'caller' or the meaning of their comments, and that the onus is on the listener to interpret. I am sure that there must be some pyschics whose abilities are confined to the clarification of these messages, or in fact, to improving the clarity of the transmission. These individuals could be identified, and brought 'on-line' at pre-defined times to ensure that the dearly departeds messages got through on time, and with maximum clarity. The use of this service should be promoted, and would enhance the service offerings of the local psychic service providers.
dogd, Jan 25 2001



       On a related note, New York City recently had a "workfare" plan to teach people how to be psychic, for employment at one of the various psychic hotlines. The plan was scrapped after exposure to public scrutiny.
francois, Jan 25 2001


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