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Rainbow Milk

Floating sugar crystals in milk act as prisms.
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I thought it would be neat to have a semi-sweet, rainbow-colored milk. This could be accomplished by making granulated sugar float, which would allow light to penetrate the sugar crystals, acting as a prism.
rgovostes, Nov 30 2003


       Um... sounds so simple that seems impossible. It would be neat if done.
cancan, Nov 30 2003

       It could float if you construct the sugar crystals into a little prism barge.   

       Unless your kids require sweetened milk, you may find (or design) a plastic tumbler that has built-in spectra dispersion qualities for the optimum lactic acid trip.
Amos Kito, Nov 30 2003

       There is also the problem of the opacity of milk - I don't think that the coloured light is going to penetrate the milk to any great depth (unless milk is held under a spotlight or similar).
benjamin, Nov 30 2003

       mmmmm....milk sweet enough to have crystalline sugar...sweeeeet
suctionpad, Nov 30 2003

       1- What if the individual sugar crystals were encapsulated in an edible coating which takes a fair amount of time to dissolve.
2- The crystals could then be kept suspended by stirring the milk, as long as the fluid is in motion the sugar crystals will only slowly rise to the surface.
3- The light source could come from the glas or cereal bowl itself, cutting through the opacity of the milk by shining through it.
Mmmm Rainbow swirls. (+)

       How could anyone vote against rainbow milk? (+)
lizziepunkin, Dec 01 2003


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