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Scratch-date UHT milk

Because milk freshness should NOT be a lottery
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I keep a carton or two of long-life UHT milk in the pantry for emergencies. The trouble is, I usually tip out half a carton of what might be fresh milk since I can never remember when I opened it, and I always smell 'sour' when I'm paranoid-ly sniffing for freshness.

Anyway, the idea is to put a scratch-away panel on the side of the carton like you get on instant lottery tickets. You scratch the corresponding day number and month away when you first open the milk.

Of course, you might still drink milk that is 365 days old with day-and-month scratch panels, but for anyone even slightly less messy than me this is an impossible scenario.

not_only_but_also, Sep 21 2005

UHT Milk and the US http://itotd.com/articles/220/
For [Zimmy] and others. [Worldgineer, Sep 21 2005]

Parmalat Bankruptcy http://www.larouche...armalat_invest.html
Europe's largest bankruptcy. Someone should have sniffed when they scratched. [jurist, Sep 22 2005]


       This is basically the same system used on car batteries... I like it. Not sure [Pa`ve] knows what UHT milk is based on what's contained in the post.
zigness, Sep 21 2005

       Buy one carton of milk a week. Write the date on it with a felt tip pen.
hidden truths, Sep 21 2005

       ah, remember the good old days when the milkman brought you a fresh pint every day...
po, Sep 21 2005

       ....and you just knew that it was fresh because the birds would get to the bottle's foil lid first.
skinflaps, Sep 21 2005

       How long does this UHT milk last unopened?   

       I've never heard of it before, Milk that you can store in the cupboards... Hmmm.
Zimmy, Sep 21 2005

       The linked article says 6 to 9 months. It really isn't marketed in the US, though we've seen it for milk-like products (for instance, you can only buy soy milk in boxes).
Worldgineer, Sep 21 2005

       those tits, what are they like?
po, Sep 21 2005

       The soy ones? On the tofu cows?
Worldgineer, Sep 21 2005

       You were in the army?   

       Do tell!
DesertFox, Sep 21 2005

       //I've never heard of it before, Milk that you can store in the cupboards... [Zimmy]   

       Despite being the leading producer of dairy products in Canada and most recognized maker of shelf-stable UHT milk, Parmalat (a major Italian agro-industrial-food conglomerate) managed to go spectacularly bankrupt late last year.[See link] Contrary to the reasons stated in the linked article, I'm blaming the business' problems on [Pa 've] for not keeping his opinions to himself. And maybe that's why [Zimmy] has never heard of UHT milk before.
jurist, Sep 22 2005


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