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Up and down car door

Car version of Dutch Door?
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This idea is fairly simple, but not one which I've seen on any car, not even a concept. The doors are split horizontally, with the top half opening upward and the bottom half opening either outward, like a standard car door, or downward, like some types of airplane doors.

If the top and bottom operate independently, then this could be thought of as a poor man's convertible car.

If there's a mechanical problem, and one half of the door becomes inoperable, it might be easier to climb over or duck under half a door, than a standard full door which is jammed shut.

A spring or pneumatic support for half a door would need to hold less weight than one for a gull-wing style door.

If the top opens up, and the bottom opens down, they could be connected via chain, effectively counterbalancing each other, further reducing the need for a spring or other support.

Making operable windows might be tricky.

goldbb, Apr 22 2017


       Biplane doors. Might be fun at speed.
wjt, Apr 23 2017


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