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Good drivers, bad drivers - sorting them out.
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Some countries already have a points system on drivers' licenses. I propose going one step further. By using an extended points system, in-person testing, and possibly some gyroscopic recorder in the vehicle, each driver would get rated on a scale, say 1 to 9. Novice drivers would start at a 9, and have to prove their way upwards. Older drivers would slip a rung or two over time. And no, Mr furious ferarri with his rebuilt lo-slung Civic would go from a 6 to an 8, not the other way round. Now for the crux of the idea. Based on your rating, you are allowed or not allowed to drive certain types of vehicle. For example, only if you have a 3 or better may you operate a sports vehicle, and would have to have a valid '1' license to drive a Ferarri, etc. The rating would also tie into your insurance. People who really drive badly, or madly, would eventually be driving sedate lo-horsepower cars, or even lose their license.
jetckalz, Jun 20 2000

Car-Ma http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Car-Ma
Collaborative driver rating system (as opposed to your certification-based scheme). [egnor, Jun 20 2000, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Liscence-plate scanners [sic] http://www.halfbake...ce-plate_20scanners
Yet another way to rate drivers... [egnor, Jun 20 2000, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       Ho hum, Maybe the œbakery's getting too big to work without some level of categorisation; N'est pas, Jutta?   

       Category 1: Devices related to cars, communication between cars, monitoring of cr drivers, etc.   

       Category 2: Everything else.
hippo, Jun 20 2000

       Ok, ok. Cancel ALL car/driver ideas. Lets all drive cars with huge, soft rubber bumpers and go for it like a bunch of 6-yr olds at a fairground :) Now THAT could be fun, and you could bump into some interesting people every day!
jetckalz, Jun 23 2000

       DRIVE WITH ATTENTITIVENESS & TIMELINESS OR WITH INSURANCE AND AN APOLOGY !!! . 1,200 new laws created every year !!! You might be a politician !!
ttermac, Jul 01 2000

       Me and my dad had an idea: every car comes with a paintball gun with some special paintballs. We didn't decide HOW they'd be special, but you'd know, and you couldn't get them off. If someone did something REALLY stupid, you shoot their car. Anyone with more than 5 marks can be killed with impunity. I also think it'd be cool if your car blew up whenever you change lanes without a signal.
AfroAssault, Sep 14 2000

       First, the paintball idea is old.   

       Second, though a bit off topic, I would like to see periodic retesting of drivers. It would make sure that older drivers learned the new traffic laws and remembered the old ones.   

       Unfortunatly, countries with the worst drivers have the hardest driving tests. Go figure.
mgrant, Apr 15 2001

       third, that annotation was made many, many months ago before a lot of the paintball ideas.
AfroAssault, Apr 24 2001

       Period driving retests are impractle because most drivers would fail then simply think they are good enough drivers anyway and then drive without a licence and insurance. I think thats the line the driving instructors use, and it would be in their financial interest for retest to be introduced!!!
CasaLoco, Feb 21 2002

       "Period driving retests are impractle because most drivers would fail then simply think they are good enough drivers anyway..."
Failing a poor driver would be the point. If an unlicensed driver were caught driving, they could be fined, jailed or both. Better than letting them stay on the roads as licensed drivers.
phoenix, Feb 21 2002

       Um our society does not work that way and unlike in the movie waging the dog is not going to happen. So I don’t think it is a wise way to go.   

       -Enjoy the diversity and the excitement of a unpredictable life.   

       -Control is ove .   

       -Take a bus.   

speedyguy, Aug 05 2003


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