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real CTF

or you could call it war...........
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two teams of at least 5 players each start in their bases.....a whistle blows and all hell breaks loose.....scrambling for the flag while trying to dodge the flurries of rocks, sticks and or the various paintballs and other weapons lying along the field creates a large challenge

first team to steal the opponents flag wins, and the losing team is horribly beaten with pieces of bologna.......

fatboy3000, Jan 20 2004


       Don't they play this with paintball guns anyhow?
kropotkin, Jan 20 2004

       aside from the beatings with bologna and the flinging of rocks and sticks, this is fully baked.
Freefall, Jan 20 2004

       CTF = "Capture The Flag"?
half, Jan 20 2004


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