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Pillow fight sound effect equipment
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Pillow fights have never been so much fun until Pillow-Bash arrived. Inside the normal pillows are pressure sensors that react when the opponent is struck, according to the amount of harmless force applied. The sensors transmit a signal to an amplifier and speaker box, which contains a comprehensive set of pre- recorded random impact sounds.

So, start bashing each other, to the accompaniment of hammers hitting pipes, logs falling unto barrels, and bricks bouncing off tin roofs. (Inspired by a youtube pillow fight video)

xenzag, Jun 14 2007


       [according to the amount of harmless force applied]   

       Sounds impossible, if force is invloved, how can it be harmless? If pressure sensors or accellerometers are used, there will be large impacts.
cblunds, Jun 14 2007

       Any idea involving pillow fights gets a thumbs-up from the Auto-Bunner in me. Now where are blissmiss and po? I'm still seeking revenge...
Canuck, Jun 15 2007

       How could anybody bone this!!! Brilliant!
twitch, Jun 18 2007

       Like soft lightsabers [+]
marklar, Jun 18 2007

       Any chance of linking that video?   

       Nice idea, but make it play awesome dream sound effects so that when you toss and turn during a bad dream, suspensful music plays. Maybe some sad music when it detects tears, and maybe a nice funky bass line when it detects repetitive motion. :P
evilpenguin, Jun 18 2007

       Holy Hell [evilpenguin], you are an GENIUS. A pillow for a very practical reason. Now you can get that rhythm to ya all synched up and all.
twitch, Jun 18 2007

       <hiding behind twitch>
po, Jun 18 2007

       This is not about the airplane manufacturing company?
normzone, Jun 18 2007

       I'd probably have so much fun bashing my own head with my pillow to hear all the different sounds that I'd miss out on a perfect opportunity.   

       <sees twitch bending over to tie shoe, launches sneak attack at po and, Flarp! After a complete miss hits elf on arse with follow-through>
Canuck, Jun 20 2007

       How about just a brick in a pillow? that would create its own sound effects.....
S-note, Jun 20 2007

       SPLANNNNNNGGG! Loveit.
wagster, Jun 20 2007

twitch, Jun 20 2007

       SPLONG-G-G-G-G-G! (Sorry [twitch], I was aiming for [po]).
pertinax, Jun 20 2007

       [dazed, counting teeth]..
twitch, Jun 21 2007

       [bun] i just hope it's a thick pillow for having a box inside. my kids will never go to sleep now.
abhorsen1983, Jun 21 2007


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