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reciprocal photos

2 for the price of one.
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when the children are little, parents often take heaps of pictures of their treasured ‘ankle-biters’ but often when the said ‘ankle-biters’ are grown up there are woefully few pictures of the parents for future generations to pore over.

also, if you are a lone traveller, photographs of yourself are only available if a friendly stranger will take one for you.

I propose a camera that takes two photographs simultaneously; one of the view in the finder and one of the person taking the picture.

“smile” say cheese!

po, Nov 10 2004

6mm Nikor lens http://www.mir.com....llenses/6mmfish.htm
What a beautiful tool ! I want one.....can rent one for $400 USD a day..... [normzone, Nov 12 2004]


       A double exposure!
FarmerJohn, Nov 10 2004

       "Mommy, why do all these reciprocal photos of you show this funny camera-ish gizmo stuck on the front of your face? Were you born that way?"
jurist, Nov 10 2004

       Interesting. The family album has very few photos of me, not because I am repellent to look at, but because I'm always the one with the camera.
hippo, Nov 10 2004

       Will the photograph of the photographer be anything other than a close-up of the person's eye?
angel, Nov 10 2004

       digital should be ok but I imagine the old type of film cameras would capture that manic look that you got of the person loading/unloading the film!
po, Nov 10 2004

       Funny, I imagined some kind of twin camera setup: one aimed at the principal subject, and the second mounted on a Z-rod pointing back at the photographer, both snapping off images simultaneously. I imagined both Andy Warhol and David Hockney being very pleased with this invention.
jurist, Nov 10 2004

       Eh? Am I missing something? If you had a camera that could take a decent picture of the photographer, why is the friendly stranger involved?
harebrained, Nov 10 2004

       How about a mirror on a stand that you set out a small distance in front of the camera? Alternatively, the mirror could be on an armature attached to the tripod mounting point on the bottom of the camera.
bristolz, Nov 10 2004

       you know you have arrived when you have 2 auto-boners.
po, Nov 10 2004

       Well, they may just have disliked the idea.
bristolz, Nov 10 2004

       The family album has very few photos of me, not because I am repellent to look at, but because I'm only the middle child.   

       This is a wonderful idea for digital cameras, [po].
Machiavelli, Nov 10 2004

       It's saddens me that as active a person as I am, there are no images of me doing anything. Crashing mountainbikes, falling off horses, jumping into the ocean, crashing motorcycles [not necessarily in chronological order] - no pictures.   

       Standing there waiting for someone to focus the camera? Lots of photos......I'm a photographer - there are lots of images of my friends swordfighting, etc.   

       So you get my vote if the camera can take a beating and capture my active moments.
normzone, Nov 11 2004

       Actively clumsy, even.
bristolz, Nov 11 2004

       Well, it's not as if the words "coordinated" and "Norman" wind up in the same sentence on a regular basis.   

       But I was thinking of the more photo-worthy moments of my activities. And having survived my share of close calls, I can at least lay claim to some kind of ability to dodge, or a minor in charmed life, or something.   

       And as a member of the Jackie Chan fan club, yes, I do all my own stunts, and the outtakes can be pretty amusing. Remind me to tell you about taking my mountainbike down the stairs at work into the test area.....twice. Got it right the second time.....
normzone, Nov 11 2004

       Thanks, [UnaBubba}. Stormin' Norman is one of my better namesakes....I always run across people who remember Norman Bates.
normzone, Nov 11 2004

       A fisheye lense would help if the picture taker is really close up. +
sartep, Nov 11 2004

       Yeah. Nikon used to make a 220° fisheye that can see behind itself. I think that it is (was) beyond the budget of most vacation photographers.
bristolz, Nov 11 2004

       Marty told me he wants them back, or he'll press charges.
jurist, Nov 11 2004

       and then there was Norman Wisdom. still throwing himself about, I think.
po, Nov 11 2004

       If Marty does press charges, maybe the judge will hear his argument in camera.   

       Hey, po, I like this. My family album is light on photos of my wife, because she always seems to be the one wielding the camera.
thud, Nov 12 2004

       that's a shame [thud] I hear that she's the pretty one after all.
po, Nov 12 2004

       <blows loud raspberry at po>
thud, Nov 12 2004

       I'll get back to you later on that one, UB. The 5th rule applies. ;-)
thud, Nov 14 2004


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