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St[insertnamehere] Day

50 St's days for the 50 States.
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In europe, each country has a St's day, England have St George , Scotland has St Andrew(So does Malta), Wales St David, and Irleand has St Patrick, which most americans celebrate, eventhough there not irish. So I propose that each state has it's own St and own St's Day, for example, St Veronica, the patron Saint of photography, for California, and St Bridgid, the patron Saint of Dairy, for Wisconsin.
[ sctld ], Dec 15 2000

St. Chad http://www.snopes.com/religion/chad.htm
In case you were wondering, he's probably NOT the patron saint of disputed elections. [centauri, Dec 15 2000]


       This isn't exactly related, but I'm told that there are more people of Irish descent living in American than in Ireland.
centauri, Dec 15 2000

       So then it is decided-New York will have PeterSealy Day. Florida - StarChaser Day. California - jutta Day as well as thumbwax Day. Any other locations and their respective celebrities...
thumbwax, Dec 15 2000

       Why stick with Saints' days? Come on people, open it up a bit. Personally I'd very much appreciate a day in celebration of Zzzzzzzz, patron demon of those who can't get out of bed in the mornings.
DrBob, Dec 19 2000

       St Who, patron saint of to-morrow?   

       Are there more people born in the Isle of Man living in Ireland than on the Isle of Man?
AndyKnott, Dec 19 2000

       Anyway, the Separation of church and state in discourse is required only of the State, not us the peops. Certain metaphorical aspects of our cultural history are still available upon request. And St. Francis is more mellifluous than Frank. Does anyone know anything about the Hagiography of St.[insertnamehere]?
rfalv, Dec 20 2000

       St. Onan, patron saint of small families could use the PR.
The Military, Jun 19 2001

       Western Australia might like St Barbara, patron saint of mining/miners. She looks after half of Austria so far, but I shouldn't think Oz will be too much of a problem.
lewisgirl, Jun 19 2001


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