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releasable vacpack

expand fluffy insulation in those hard to get to places
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In some homes the floor or ceiling is not insulated and the gaps are not great enough for people to install the standard insulations. Walls have been insulated via holes and expanding foam but requires reasonably closed off spaces.Sub-floors with bearers and piles can be 400mm or less giving an area quite open but inaccessible (unless the floors are taken up).

I propose, a vacuum packed tube of insulation, which can be threaded through the sub-floor via draw strings or poling to lay on the ground. Once in place, the insulation is then released from the packaging, expanding from a tube diameter of 100mm to a block of fluffy insulation 600x500mm. I was imagining something like those vacuum storage bags that shrink down clothes for storage but remotely releasable and containing fluffy insulation.

It would be nice for the insulation to have water repelling properties as the ground under a house can release moist. If the insulation was Toblerone shaped then the base of the expanded insulation could have a water proof coating.

If the fluffy structure was quite springy it could accommodate around services and building sub-structure. I am imagining a woolen fleece like material, quite feathery.

The only real problem is the release mechanism.The insulation packaging has handle being evacuated but also open on command. I did think of a heating element which could be hooked to a battery but seems expensive. Although, the expense is going to be in the packaging. A small charge would be exciting but the release maybe only partial.

So, an expandable idea or not?

wjt, Jun 09 2018

Release Mechanism https://www.youtube...watch?v=Q-NHxRwds4g
[scad mientist, Jun 09 2018]

Mr Fluffy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mr_Fluffy
Warmer, but not exactly safe. [8th of 7, Jun 10 2018]


       Two options for releasing:.   

       If it is indeed vacuum packed, then the plastic can be quite thin and weak because air pressure is pushing on the outside and there is uniform pressure from insulation fibers on the inside. Just poke a small hole, allowing air inside and the thin plastic is torn to shreds.   

       The problem with that is when you puncture it accidentally before it is in place.   

       I think the more likely solution would be to have it simply wrapped tightly in a bag, not vacuum packed. The wrapper must of course be a lot stronger to withstand the pressure of compressed insulation. To open it, have a pull string. See link.
scad mientist, Jun 09 2018

       Blown fibre (glass or rockwool) is good for this. The distribution nozzle can be positioned at the furthest point and slowly pulled back as the void is filled.   

       However, we suggest avoiding service providers such as Mr Fluffy ... <link>.
8th of 7, Jun 10 2018


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