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Police Swords

Less guns, more swords and exotic weaponry
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Police with swords. Big blue scabbard with a PD on it. Make it like the one Morgan Freeman had in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (I can't remeber the exact name of that type of sword).

I think it might make them more imposing. Imagine, rather than "Stop or I'll shoot!" we'd have "En garde!", or "My name is Frederick Thomas Smith, badge 4598 [or whatever] and you commited burglary [o.w.], prepare to be arrested and imprisoned for 5 years! [o.w.]".

Some other members of the force could have other weapons. Give the SWAT teams a set of katanas, staffs and the like. SWAT meets TMNT.

Maybe puffy shirts, mandatory beards and bandanas could give a pirate image. "Arrrrr! Ye be a-jay-a-walkin' on these city streets?!".

Any other weapon suggestions?

Wes, Mar 03 2001

(?) Nice sword http://foto.agava.r...ages/2001-boken.jpg
Not quite the mounted police image, but the same sword [normzone, Oct 21 2004]


       Shiver me timbers, you can't beat a trusty hook, me laddy! And a sniffer parrot would make a fine and trustworthy mate!
DrBob, Mar 03 2001

       Love the parrot idea!   

       They should be used as dispatchers:   

       "Squaaaaawk! Squaaaaawk! Robbery at First National Bank! Robbery at First National Bank! Sqwwwaaaaaaaaa!"
Wes, Mar 03 2001

       Coaching the parrots to say things like that could raise response times, but it would be worth it. Another option is to train the police to stop criminals with cutting remarks and witty dumbshow parodies. And an elite, stealthy SWAT team of supercilious mutes could respond to serious domestic calls with nothing but raised eyebrows and flawless evening-dress.
Monkfish, Mar 03 2001, last modified Mar 04 2001

       You could have a pike division for dealing with motorcycle gangs.
Aristotle, Mar 04 2001

       Prehaps kevlar platemail could be developed?
Aristotle, Mar 05 2001

       Croissant, just for the pirate part.
AfroAssault, Jul 01 2001

       // Prehaps kevlar platemail could be developed?//   

       Kevlar body armor is quite ineffective against swords, spears, and arrows. Quite surprisingly so given its effectiveness against must faster-moving (but less massive) bullets.
supercat, Jul 01 2001

       Dressing riot control like the intimidating, black clad Praetorian soldiers from Gladiator would work quite well as a show of power.   

       In fact, so well that South Korea are pretty much doing this for World Cup 2002, complete with Roman Legion-esque maneuvers! No swords, unfortunately.
mrkillboy, Jul 02 2001

       I had a dream last night I was a cop with a chainsaw, and when I woke up I remembered this thread. I just wanted to let everyone know.
AfroAssault, Jul 31 2001

       How about those wondwerful weapons "thade" used in Planet of the apes? Or maybe full sized Batlifs?
Tain, Aug 09 2001

       [Wes] I believe Morgan Freeman's sword was a scimitar. Definitely scary in close quarters, but can you really expect to see cops with Prince Valiant haircuts wielding a "Singing Sword"? Me neither! Given the choice, I think they'd prefer all the cool weapons from Star Wars, Star Trek, et al. Gimme a phaser or a light sabre over a 9mm any day.   

       FYI, the correct term for a boomerang that doesn't come back is "stick".
Canuck, Aug 09 2001

       what happens when the criminal pulls out a .45 and ur 20 feet away?
cs_baller, Aug 09 2001

       No problem if the police had the moves of a character from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!   

       Crook: Dodge this!
Floating Policeperson (looking annoyed): As I was saying, "you have the right to remain silent..."
Lucky_Setzer, Aug 10 2001

       I think a sword is much more cool than a gun in image stakes, give me a bastard sword anyday of the week, if you have to have a projectile weapon use a repeater crossbow, they go great with the sword and have so much potential for pinning criminals to the wall :)
kaz, Aug 25 2001

       I guess you forgot that all patrol cops carry Billy clubs and are fully trained on how to use it. And I belive majority of cops probably also cary a knife.   

       A billy club is a much more frightening weapon than a sword or even a gun. Because you know that cops are never really going to shoot you unless you fire the first shot, but man they never hesitste to give you a good wack witht that club. I don't wan't to go into details but I was once beaten by a cop using his billy club, believe me that club can deliver a heavy blow.
wood2coal, Aug 30 2001

       any reason that we can't have our police wearing bullet proof platemail regardless of thier weaponry?
RobertKidney, Aug 30 2001

       RobertKidney: Chase someone across a broken field, through the woods and over several fences while wearing 80 pounds of plate armor, then ask that question again.
StarChaser, Aug 30 2001

       and a bazooka for every meter maid.
dwp37, Nov 23 2001

       It would be great if cops could carry swords. But I think it would be just as cool if they could carry their rifles on there back where ever they go. Cops would be far less challenged if you knew they had a .223 cal. AR on his back. Accurate out to 4-6 hundred meters.   

       If there was a TMNT style SWAT team it would help with negotiations.   

       Cops ---- “come out with your hands up”   

       Bad guys ----- “no”   

       Cops ------ “here comes SWAT and your all going to die”   

       Bad guys ----- “No please…we’re coming out”
SunTzu, Apr 09 2003

       Perhaps then this idea has bakeability.   

       Teach police officers Iaido (the Japanese art of the sword draw*) and equip them with the appropriate swords. Then noone would dare come at them with a knife.   

       "You call that a knife? Now *that* is a knife." "No, that is a fork." "Doh!"   


       *IIRC this has moves with names which translate to things like "I think someone to my left is attacking, therefore I draw my sword and kill him."
Loris, Apr 10 2003

       What kind of socks does a sword wielding pirate cop wear ?   

       AAAArgyle Socks
Trodden, Apr 11 2003

       Good Idea!Better yet, gives the cops shrukins (ninja stars) and throwing knives for long range combat. And instead of pepper spay they can use what the japanese used, good ol fashioned pepper in a hallowed out egg. Throw egg and then BLAM!! "my eyes, it BURNSSSS!!!!!"
thelambs, Aug 23 2003

       Cops are awesome!
Zeuge, Oct 06 2003

       a sword could actually be much more effective than a pistol in many cirumstances.   

       Both offensively and Defensively.   

       However, It takes a Whole lot of training, and Cops arn't even trained well enough with what they have now.
nilly, Dec 24 2003

       Horseback mounted police officers use a boken, which is a wooden sword, ostensibly used for practice in lessons where everybody wears armor....I would NOT challenge a mounted officer with one of these things...ouch....see link.   

       Katanas are very nice weapons...I have some small training with one - essentially a three foot razor blade, caution is advised....
normzone, Dec 25 2003

       Cops becoming pirate sort of defeats the purpose of law enforcement, no?
echo, Feb 28 2004

       It's "shuriken", literal translation is "sword in the hand". For more stopping power, add some poison to its blades (or tranquiliser, if one is life-friendly).
Aerythes, Feb 29 2004

       Make the police use the swords, and they'll run away like Frenchmen when the criminal pulls out his Uzi
MrNotorious, Apr 30 2004

       (The ninja guy that wrote all the stuff on my "Ninja Shipping" idea wrote this.)   

       What? You dare to replace honorable police with pirates? Pirates are weak! All they do is plunder and steal our sake. Which they don't even like! The ninja SWAT bit is much better. SWAT is based on ninja elite corps anyway, so we should teach them our ways. Plus, as these SWAT teams do not follow the ninja code, they can use Eco-Swords and guns. [thelambs] is quite wise, listen to him. With enough skill, small throwing blades, or "shruiken", are as good as guns. Hira shuriken, the popular star versions, are also good. Kunai would be more appropriate...   

       (He went on for a few hours, but I had to cut him off. I think you could just conceal a gun in the sword and call it a special technique. I've actually tried that sucessfully. 2 guns, a little smoke and the name "Viper Stroke of Hades" seriously impressed my friends.)
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 08 2007


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