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revolving incense holder

patterns from smoke
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a revolving platter for cone incense, or ring for stick incense with a rheostatic (correct term?) control, that would allow for adjustment of speed with a few pieces of incense burning.

this might allow for a nice pattern of smoke looking similar to a helix culminating in a nice plume of scented goodness. (if you like incense)

possibly with a small buddha statue atop so the plumes join just above his head.

nth, Dec 23 2005

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       I like +.
blissmiss, Dec 23 2005

       Very slick. I can envision all sorts of permutations. You could use it as an ashtray too. You would want this in a still and breezeless room, which the incense-burning types like anyway, so they can huff every bit of that lungyummy incense.
bungston, Dec 23 2005

       a gadget for hippies! beautiful. +
rainbow, Dec 26 2005

       Dude.. Like, I started reading this..   

       um..6 days ago, and I just..   

       Hey! you could burn incense on that thing!!!   

       i'm reeeeally hungry.
moPuddin, Dec 30 2005

       A gadget for me! Oh. Whoops.   

       Anyway, [+] - the smoke has formed the shape of a croissant...
bookends, May 08 2006

       I can't help but think of some sort of jerky-drying rotisserie thingie.
DesertFox, May 08 2006


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