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route forecasts

Weather forecasts for the whole drive, on the web
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With multiple web-based providers of both route mapping and planning services and also weather forecasting, one wonders why the two have not been combined. Such a combination would allow travelers to have a decent idea of what weather they'd encounter along their entire route, point-by-point and down to the hour, and could plan accordingly.

A simple system would merely link major places with their hourly forecasts; a smarter one would add and subtract travel time based on severity of conditions. A brilliant system would recommend the best starting time and route (e.g. highways or byways) to hit the best weather conditions the whole trip.

codger, Jul 16 2003


       A truly brilliant system would also allow mobile users to edit waypoints along the trip to get real-time updates as they progress (or, in case of true inclemency, don't).
codger, Jul 16 2003

       So now, if I'm caught in a traffic jam on I-20 in the middle of a tornado, I would know that the asshole that cut me off is stuck right in the path before he would? Sweeet. Could it give me a little digital picture of the tornado sucking his car up to Oz?
vendetta, Jul 16 2003

       I want the *traffic* forecast for my route. I heard folks are trying to program the super computers used to model nuclear blasts for this purpose--don't know the progress. But weather? Just switch on the wipers--or use the fold out crank if yours are Lucas made (the water shorts them out).
oxen crossing, Jul 16 2003

       Mr. Burns: Yes, I've had to drive around winter storms several times while on holiday.
taqueso, Jul 16 2003

       Get 4 wheel drive. It makes sure you're farther from civilization when you get stuck.   

       Doesn't do a dang thing for visibility, though.
lurch, Jul 16 2003

       "When you get onto the M25 at junction 15, expect sunshine with a light breeze, temperature maxing out at around 82 degrees Fahrenheit. By the time you've reached junction 16, expect fog and overcast skies, with occasional showers moving in from the north west. You'll be snowbound by the time you reach junction 17, in December."
PeterSilly, Jul 16 2003


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