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rts fps

A nice mixture of Cossacks and ut2004
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You have one big leader per team in a large network game. The leader does what you usally do in rts games, tells people what to do. (with overhead view and everything :)) Also, you can have more leaders for small sections of a map. Then you have the soldiers. The essence of the game. You get commands from the leader. Go there and attack that man. Very strict, the leader can kill you if you don't do as he says. Large attacks with individuals. I really want this game :)
tubamann, Apr 18 2004

S2 Games' "Savage" http://www.s2games.com/savage/
"Whether you're an FPS or RTS fan, Savage is a unique game that should appeal to both crowds" - Maximum PC 12.09.03 [Strome, Oct 04 2004]


po, Apr 18 2004

       Just curious, [tubs] - do you want to be the leader or one of the drones? Because in those Command and Conquer games there are loads of little drone guys who will do as you order.
bungston, Apr 18 2004

       This is supposed to be a large multiplayer game, so everybody (the leader AND the players, the drones and so on) are people. If noone wants to be that little drone, just put in a bot.
tubamann, Apr 19 2004

       There's a game that does this already. But I can't remember what that game was. Misreble failure, it was. You'd be clicking and telling people to go somewhere, and it wold never work. They'd all just run around all willy-nilly killing things instead of doing what you told them.   

       This feature of command (RTS) and FPS was introduced in Starseige Tribes and Tribes 2 aswell.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 19 2004

       I seem to remember a half-life mod called "Natural Selection" that worked like this. It's fun when you have a good commander and a good team, but it's just chaos for random get-together games.
Freefall, Apr 28 2004


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