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Quakin' Boots

Special boots for Quakin'.
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Okay, so you've heard of the FPS title Quake 3 Arena. Well, how about some special boots to wear while you're playing? They could be equipped with a massager to prevent pooling of the blood in your feet, a rumble-pak feature to enhance being shot.. um, in the foot, and wingtips to protect tender tootsies as you kick the fucking PC tower when it crashes yet again *gasp*. Also, an added bonus would be that when people ask what you're doing wearing stupid shoes, you could say..

"I'm Quakin' in my boots!"

Goushuu-Jin, Mar 19 2004


       Interactive boots sound interesting - why limit it to a game most of us don't play?
DrCurry, Mar 19 2004

       And they can be really oversized like the footwear that the soldiers in Quake games have :)
Size_Mick, Mar 19 2004

       Great, now when I think of 'Quaker,' I get this strange image of religious conscientious objectors addicted to blood-bath shooter games.
RayfordSteele, Mar 20 2004

       And I was expecting California temblor-resistant footwear.
normzone, Mar 20 2004

       And I was thinking spicy Shakers and sowing-oats Quakers in their wellies.
FarmerJohn, Mar 20 2004

       Speak for yourself [DrCurry] 8^) I think the boots should vibrate acording to your step rate or jump. Better yet, they should shock you or hurt you when you take fall damage, they should be standard isue to newbies.
thelambs, Mar 20 2004


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