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Tactic Recording

Just like ESPN NFL 2K5's VIP Mode
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One of the best features of NFl 2K5 was that it automatically records your tactic, i.e. what percentage of the time you run to the right, pass to the left, call audibles, put someone in motion, ect. Well, implanting this into shooters would be great. It could record if you take a lot of shots, what your accuracy is, how many times you melee, if you often friendly fire, how many times you chuck gernades, ect. It could be uploaded online so people can play against you without you being there.
Voodoo721, Jan 16 2005


       Why "VIP"?   

       Just to ensure that I'm reading this correctly, you are proposing that in an FPS your playing tendencies are learned and, in some computer readable format, recorded, to allow (a) the creation of bot opponents with your playing style (b) the chance to analyse the statistics of your playing style?
calum, Jan 16 2005

       yes. VIP mean Virtual Identity Profile in EPSN NFl 2k5
Voodoo721, Jan 17 2005

       Another instance of half-heard genius:   

       I thought this was going to be a special set of user access permissions where the admin of the machine can quickly set 'read all' (but no 'real' power) for people like CEO's, Auditors, Police, FBI, visiting VIPs from out of town, etc.   

       The VIP mode would have a small, writtable area of the HD sandboxed off, and just about any non-desctructive activity is allowed.   

       A bit morbid, but this would also be handy when a staff member dies. You don't need 'Access to printer denied' on top of your grief....
not_only_but_also, Jan 17 2005

       I do love games of all varieties, but they just aren't as fun when I'm playing them in my absence.
wagster, Jan 17 2005

       I think that I'd prefer to play games in my absence, leaving me to pwn variously when baking or eating my tea. I'd especially like to be able to set up an audio file that would taunt any victim with information about what task I was performing when I fragged (if that's the correct term these days) them. "I'm such a badass, I murdered you while I was making boiled eggs and toast soldiers!" "I was taking a shit when I killed you!" &c.   

       Croissant for the bot creation idea, though I don't know if it's possible.
calum, Jan 17 2005

       <reensure wastes 29$, 99% of the time> I totally didn't get this from the title alone.
reensure, Jan 17 2005

       This would have the potential to create huge multiplayer online games with no one playing them. People would gradually log off and leave their bots playing. Years later people would forget the game even existed, but the bots would still be out there fighting.
wagster, Jan 17 2005

       Lots of shooters do this, even back in 2005. Or am I misunderstanding it? I remember seeing stats of this sort on the end-of-round screen in various games.
notexactly, Jul 22 2019


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