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russian nesting breasts

open up the breasts, and you have...more breasts!
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i was inspired by the the breast book idea + the russian nesting dolls i was given when i was younger, so i combined the 2 ideas to get...russian nesting breasts! like the dolls but instead of doll bottoms + tops, you have a breast on each side. pull them apart, and there they are...more breasts! in the store, pick from a variety of skin tones + shape options to suit your tastes and assemble your collection. at home, leave nested for a conversation piece, or set them all out open for a full size selection!
dj_photon, Apr 17 2001


       Groovy! I'd imagine the next idea will be "a nesting penis." which for all practicality would serve a more utilitarian purpose... a woman could work her way up through the sizes.
andrewkorbel, Apr 17 2001

       You both excited about getting out of Junior High School for the summer?
thumbwax, Apr 17 2001

       When you and your junior carvers go to market with this, promise me you'll use claymation video for TV ads?
reensure, Apr 17 2001

       thumbwax - considering this is in the adult toy section, boob gags and dildo jokes are surely implicated.
greennightmonkey, Apr 10 2003


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