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Radio Parasite

Usurp central control of the EM spectrum.
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Manufacture a *large* quantity of a cheap and compact radio transmitter that could be scattered by airplane. It should be approximately matchbox-sized, and may perhaps embed itself in the earth, leaving a short (~10 cm) aerial exposed. The power source might be a miniature thermocouple, leeching a charge from the temperature difference between the air and ground. The power of an individual transmitter would be quite small, but the trick lies in the idea that they would be mere repeaters on the given frequency (or set of frequencies.) WHY? So that any person with the desire and expertise could build (or purchase on the underground market) a transmitter of extremely low power that could communicate with the nearest microrepeater. Thus a nation/world-wide channel of communication becomes available where the authorities cannot track a transmission to a central station and send a death squad, as propagation patterns could be obfuscated quite easily. The devices would have to be VERY plentiful, such that an "extermination" program would be impossible to conduct.
dsm, Jul 24 2001


       Wouldn't they interfere with each other?
bookworm, Jul 25 2001

StarChaser, Jul 27 2001


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