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scam reporting app

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Scams like pop up scam auctions are hard to track, because they open up and close very quickly.

The best way is to at least take photos as a bystander of any events you suspect to be a scam with the app, and fill in any details you think will help. E.g. Van markings, etc...

Your report might not be big, but if enough people have enough information, then when a victim complains, you can act on it quickly.

This will be very useful, if real time searches on last known reports that matches what you said can be done on the fly. So if the face matches the scammer, you could in fact perhaps even call the cops on the spot while the auction is occurring.

So 3 tech you will need for this, face matching, and licence plate reader, correlation algo for similar reports.


Doesn't have to be just for scams. Could be for anything btw.

Preferably the app can also call for nearby taser drones, if a physical cop is not nearby.

mofosyne, Apr 09 2015

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       Are scams still implemented in hardware these days? Still, yes, why not?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 09 2015


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