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scavenged copper wire, dissolved, cures lice

a little scavenged copper wire dissolved with (vingar n salt) or even diet soda is a cheap lice cure, notably at the developing world
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It is my perception that a really simple cure for lice would benefit many people as well as reduce the transmission of disease, particularly at the developing world. I write perception as its possible all these people were cured of lice while I was briefly away from the internet. That would certainly be nice.

Copper is noted as being lethal to marine crustaceans at minute concentrations. I think it is possible that it may also kill lice, which are also arthropods, as well as some other parasitic bugs. The idea then is just dissolve a gram of copper wire at a mixture of vinegar with salt, then apply to the lousy area. This creates a drug that almost anyone anywhere can scavenge or afford to make.

I would certainly like this to be a functional louse cure yet I am absent awareness of it it works. I thought of it when I had an itchy head briefly (2 days or so) yet it was not lice. another version isthe possibly amusing dissolve a little copper wire at diet soda.

beanangel, Nov 14 2012

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       Copper is a biocide, but not generally lethal to more advanced life. Assuming you are correct about the affect on some marine crustacea, I would expect that because they are, quite literally, swimming in it.   

       I would not expect the same to apply to insects, especially terrestrial insects.
MechE, Nov 14 2012

       Copper is indeed toxic to mosquito larvae. Why don't you two get together and test this out on your head lice?   

       (I would love to help but under the circumstances, can't.)
DrCurry, Nov 15 2012

       Larvae who are, once again, swimming in a solution of copper ions.
MechE, Nov 15 2012

       I knew this was you...hi again.
normzone, Nov 15 2012

       beanangel has been around a happylong time. In fact I should mention that happylong has worked its way into my vocabulary outside the HB a number of times. However, I use it in what I consider the original sense meaning a long happy time, rather than its reconceptualization as a drug induced state. Although I have ample opportunity for both usages.
rcarty, Nov 15 2012

       [beanangel]'s Mr. Happylong.
ytk, Nov 15 2012

       /Copper is indeed toxic to mosquito larvae/   

       Interestingly it is not that toxic, I have found with some experiments. It does, however, reduce algae and I think this is the mechanism by which it reduces mosquito populations.   

       I wonder if this would work. Lice are astoundingly durable. I may have opportunity to test...
bungston, Nov 17 2012

       Why would you want to cure lice? I'd think you'd want them to die.
doctorremulac3, Nov 17 2012


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