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secret sms

the red line
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i envision a situation where someone would be wanting to send a special message to someone, it could be about love, sex, or about bereavement, etc...something personal. i am thinking of a mobile phone which has on one side the normal gray interface with buttons and a screen, and on the back of it, by lifting the grey front, you can access the "red phone line section", a bit like the red phone that you see in armageddon films that only the president can access. the red part of your mobile could be only accessed by your password, both for you as user and also for those sending to it. it is a bit of a second line, but which can be used only in exceptional cases. a bit of a mutual agreement between users.
noam, Feb 27 2004


       would it by chance include a capslock or shift button?
Letsbuildafort, Feb 27 2004

       The entire body of the receiving phone should light up red as well.
normzone, Feb 27 2004

       what's this got to do with SMS ? most phones are capable of having at least two lines and being password protected. The point of the red phone was to have a permanent line between two people (e.g. batman and the police commisioner). (-)
neilp, Dec 16 2004

       I picked up a red phone once at a military facility, was a hot line to not sure where. I said oop sorry and hung up. pheww   

       I think a password would have been a better idea on that phone.
dentworth, Dec 17 2004

       [Dentworth], That probably launched an attack on some country.
mensmaximus, Dec 17 2004

       story of my life.
dentworth, Dec 17 2004


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