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Handy Cellphone Selfphone
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... A Compulsive Talker friend has trapped you, and you, being a Kind Person don't want to hurt the CT's feelings.
... When you can't last out a moment longer, you press the Secret Control in a pocket or handbag handle and yes, your Latest Fully-featured Cellphone rings imperatively.
... With a Polite Excuse you listen intently to nothing, saying to your CT, with Complete Honesty, "Sorry I've just got to run. See you again," ... and scram.
rayfo, Nov 16 2000

Gratutious Link http://www.purrsia....l/ff300/fv00228.htm
A comic strip using the 'Obvious Distraction' line. [StarChaser, Nov 16 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Beeped again! I'll buzz off.
rayfo, Nov 16 2000

       Or just claim its on vibra mode.
imagooAJ, Nov 16 2000

       ahh, gadgetry. modern man's fallback for having never learned tact.
absterge, Nov 16 2000

       Why not just do this " hey is that Elvis" and when they turn around you run
batgirl, Nov 17 2000

       <dramatic point> 'Look! It's an obvious distraction!' "Where?" <running feet>
StarChaser, Nov 18 2000

       Misread as *serffone*. Try that one on for size.
dsm, Jun 16 2002


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