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see-through spring rolls

is that chicken or veggie?
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i got this idea last night after warming up some spring rolls we bought at the grocery store. we had one box of chicken and one box of veggie. however, after warming them, and then serving them on a platter, we lost track of which was which and, since they all look the same from the outside, we had to guess. so i propose preparing spring rolls with clear wrappers (or whatever you call the outer "shell" of the roll), so that you can see the contents and know what you're about to bite into.
mihali, Apr 27 2001


       I usually cut spring rolls in half prior serving them so that they cool off and also so that people can differentiate between the various types. Nevertheless, I like this idea, 'cause I always use just a bit of each package and would like to put the leftovers in one and still be able to tell them apart.
iuvare, Apr 27 2001

       UB is right about the vietnamese spring rolls-far superior product
thumbwax, Apr 27 2001

       Rods Tiger: You're setting your foot on a slippery slope, there, aren't you? Soon you'd be seeing a "spring roll" made of recycled toilet paper fibers and squid byproducts, but the edible illustration would be of something straight from Mama Ji's All Natural Kitchen. Alas.   

       I like the idea of seeing what I'm about to eat before I dig in, though. Clear omlettes, blintzes. Mmmmm. I gotta go eat something now.
Dog Ed, Apr 28 2001

       Surely MSG has some sort of radioactive quality that enables the entree X - Rayable?
benfrost, Apr 28 2001

       The spring rolls wouldn't need to be clear if they were different colours. Chicken spring rolls could be yellow (coloured with turmeric). The veggie spring rolls could be left as is or could be purple (coloured with beet).
wannalearn, Jan 17 2002

       UnaBubba: are you sure that's monosodium glutamate? I only see CNHO in your formula, no Na. What you have is more like nosodium glutamate. (later) I looked it up -- that last N should be an Na, viz. COOH(CH2)2CH(NH2)COONa
td, Jan 18 2002

       wannalearn's solution is close to what some mexican places do with their burritos: green (spinach), red (chili), natural, and yes, I've even seen purple (beet). Yellow would also be pretty easy.   

       Whether these same variants would work with rice wrappers instead is an interesting question...   

       And as great as Vietnamese spring rolls are (and they are), Vietnamese Summer Rolls--which aren't fried--are even better.
spaceman_spiff, Jan 18 2002

       neither of them is monosodium glutamate, its a song by Alvin Stardust
po, Jan 18 2002


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