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self crushing beer cans

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Ok let's try this again shall we--hopefully this time I've come up with an original idea!! Now rednecks and frat boys all over the world can save their poor foreheads from the agony of crushing that empty beer can on their craniums. We start with your standard beer can--except we infuse/line or otherwise slip between the layers of the aluminum can with everyone's favorite wonder metal NITINOL -- As the cans are filled under cold temperatures and stay cold in transit or storage, with interior pressure kept up by the wonderful brew, the can stays "erect" so to speak--but empty the bugger into your favorite glass or down your gullet and voila--the can crumples into itself!! Of course with warning labels (with pictures for.....well you know who) of exploding cans if left out in the sun!!
jonnicee, Mar 18 2004

Coin Cans http://www.halfbake...om/idea/Coin_20Cans
redundant, I'm afraid [FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2004]


       This would only work where they drink their beer cold. Stores in the UK would be unshoppable due to the sound of self-crushing cans going off all over the place.   

       UK Joke: Why do the British drink their beer warm?
Because Lucas makes refridgerators too.
GenYus, Mar 18 2004

       Really, [UB]? I thought the actuating temp could be specifed somewhat. I can't find a really clear explanation easily, but enough of one to doubt your statement.
oxen crossing, Mar 18 2004

       The is a slight poblem with the cost of manufacture, too. I doubt beer drinkers would pay a big premium to get a self-crushing can. (Especially given that premium beer drinkers seem to disdain the use of cans at all.)
DrCurry, Mar 18 2004

       wouldn't a simpler solution be to pump out the beer or soda while leaving a vacuum in the can?
theircompetitor, Mar 18 2004

       The walls of aluminum beverage cans have been getting steadily thinner over the years as the manufacturers of them get more and more clever in the design. A few milligrams of aluminum saved per can pays off mightily when you make billions of them. As a result I've found it is quite easy to crush modern drink cans.   

       What always freaks me out is the famous scene in "Animal House" where Belushi crushes a can against his forehead. That movie is set in 1962, and aluminum had barely started being used in cans at that time. Thus it was likely that the beer can in his hand would have been made of steel. Ouch!
krelnik, Mar 18 2004

       Well we're a fine pair to be discussing this then, what with my own foggy memory.
oxen crossing, Mar 18 2004

       Wouldn't this take all the fun out of it?
Eugene, Mar 19 2004

       I can see [UB] straining for that last drop...   

       and KACHOONK! "I ink i o my ongue"
Lacus Trasumenus, Mar 19 2004

       <rant>What ever happened to the simple idea of returnable bottles?
A "damage to environment" cost should be placed on all disposal packaging, to encourage re-use <end rant>.
Ling, Mar 20 2004

       Note to self... don't take UnaBubba literally...   

       //taken nearly 40 years of beer cans...//   

       Interesting choice of category...
Lacus Trasumenus, Mar 20 2004

       //Interesting choice of category...//   

       Oh dear.
Detly, Mar 20 2004


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