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self defense

Exploding dye packs
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A remote/ proximity controlled dye pack with tear gas that is secreted in breif cases or shoulder bags/ purses. Similar to the dye packs banks used in bank robberies, you install these in your breifcase/ purse, shoulder bag. Should a theif dash off with your valuables and get a preset distance from the transponder on your person, the device is initiated, rendering theif and contents visible to authoraties. An alternate lethal version could be produced for our "freinds" at CIA/ NSA.
CNIII, May 27 2006

a Pocket Lights Now A_20Pocket_20Lights_20Now
Shameful self promotion of my own version of this, and there are others [xenzag, May 27 2006]


       Considering how often our spooks lose their laptops, that makes sense, but the idea has been preheated in Neal Stephenson's "Snow Crash".   

       Although that version simply burned up the briefcase.
normzone, May 27 2006

       well in snow crash the briefcase was a high tech info bomb in drug form. or was it low tech?   

       what happens when you get home and forget to take the remote out of you pocket? that's what happened in snow crash. that and a gangfight with nuclear weapons and miniguns.
tcarson, May 27 2006

       I thought about what might happen if you forgot to disarm the device and it could get messy. I picture myself running off to a meeting and leaving the remote on my desk. I would probably get 3 floors down in the elevator and poof... time for a new wardrobe. Worse yet, junior picks up the ttransponder and says "Daddy what does this button do?" Oh well back to the drawing board.
CNIII, May 28 2006

       I like the idea, but the title needs work. You didn't invent self-defense and this idea doesn't represent it; it represents defense of one's valuables. Bun anyway.
jellydoughnut, May 28 2006


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