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Personal Space Enforcement Whiskers

Head-mounted and possibly venomous
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Everybody has their own personal space around their body, which they don't like to be invaded. I've often tried to visualise this space, it seems to extend more in front of you, especially round the face, whereas it is more acceptable for someone to be close to you if they're at your side. The extent of this space also varies depending on what sort of situation you are in.
The whiskers would, I think, primarily be used for parties, especially posh ones. They could be made out of guitar string or optical fiber and attached to a hat or glued onto your body and would mark the extent of your personal space. For an added touch at rowdy parties you could put venom on the end of each whisker to bring any space-invaders out in a nasty rash.
stupop, Nov 07 2001

Car Whiskers http://www.halfbake...idea/Car_20Whiskers
<fx: sound of blowing own trumpet> [hippo, Nov 07 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Or spit http://www.arlyn.com/auden.html
Auden, describing his demesne. [hello_c, Nov 07 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       So surreal it has to get a croissant from me.
Aristotle, Nov 07 2001

       Personal Space Enforcement elbows are also effective.
DrBob, Nov 07 2001

       And naturally they would measure you for signs of sexual arousal so they could retract in time for a kiss or whatever else you get up to at parties.
pottedstu, Nov 07 2001

       Good idea [pottedstu] - If you're comfortable letting some people closer than others it would be good to *somehow* have the whiskers measure this and respond accordingly.   

       <later> Sorry, I appear to have merely paraphrased your annotation.
stupop, Nov 07 2001

       It's always a fun idea until someone loses an eye.   

       "Ow! Ow! I'm blind!"   

       "Well, you shouldn't have been staring at my G-string..."
Guncrazy, Nov 07 2001

       "Would you like to take a shower?"
'Sure, Baby'
"I wish you would, you reek, fella"
thumbwax, Nov 07 2001

       [hello_c] Best to run that link through amigothornot.com for verification but it seems a little choleric.   

       T shirt warning could read, "Personal Best in Golden Shower -- 1.6 metres".
reensure, Nov 08 2001

       Random bump for the fun of it.
RayfordSteele, Jul 21 2009


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