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Short Smell Message Service for your mobile phone
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Sample and send short burst of smell using your mobile phone. Phone samples smell - sends an analytical breakdown. Recipient phone regenerates smell using a solid micro cartridge of basic constituents - camphor, musk, floral, peppermint, and emits a tiny puff. Dedicated users could store their favourite smells in a library. Your phone would also serve as a mosquito repellent at night etc. The uses (and abuses) are endless.
xenzag, Sep 30 2005

Smell generator developed by mobile phone company. http://www.newscien...tech/mg18625025.200
Seems like there's people with money who think like [xenzag]. [wagster, Sep 30 2005]

The e-nose. http://www.newscien...mg18725186.300.html
It exists, but it's big and expensive. [wagster, Sep 30 2005]

Progress... http://www.smh.com..../1152383733067.html
[Shz, Jul 14 2006]

http://www.fastcode...he-pond?partner=rss [xenzag, Jun 14 2014]


       Good. How?
wagster, Sep 30 2005

       Dead easy. The sending unit analyzes the smell and determines that it's composed of 9 parts A, 5 parts B and 7 parts T. The message is "A9B5T7". The receiving unit adjusts its orifices so that 9 parts of stuff come out of cartridge A, 5 out of cartridge B and 7 out of cartridge T.
As they say, works in theory; all you need is a sufficient quantity of stable components in the receiving unit and a gas chromatogram in the sending unit.
Good luck with that last bit.
angel, Sep 30 2005

       cost a fortune in replaceable cartridges
po, Sep 30 2005

       I'm stunned to find out that this isn't as impossible as it sounds (links).
wagster, Sep 30 2005

       "Beep-beep, beep-beep." "What's that smell? Did you fart? " "Uh, no. " "Man, that's gross. " "I swear it wasn't me!"   

       ...and so on.   

       Great idea.
Trickytracks, Sep 30 2005

       This was one of my first ideas on HB..... Check the last link for a development 9 years after posting. What took them so long?
xenzag, Jun 14 2014


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