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sensitive content

sensitive text m. and the unusual display
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as victim of a long distance relationship i am in the privleged situation (sarcasm) of running it via text message most of the time. but i always find the mediocrity of my handset graphics (even with colour screen) not very in tune with some of the messages that i receive sometimes. i wonder whether to be able to have the txt displayed with the hand writing of the other person would not be more communicative. it could work on a pda calligraphy recognition and with a jpeg protocol transfer.
jonnychip, Feb 27 2004

Monotype Imaging scalable Fonts for Mobile Phones http://www.letsgodi...les/story_8406.html
[skinflaps, Mar 13 2008]

Notepad SMS Notepad_20SMS
Same idea, I think. [phoenix, Mar 13 2008]


       Nobody would be able to read my texts!
The Duke, Mar 13 2008

       There is an old art form which involves considering your words, framing each sentence carefully, and setting them down on paper. These can then be posted to the person in question. I think this would have more of the romantic flavour you seek.   

       However, you would need to master capitalisation to make this effective.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 13 2008

       Kinda baked on the Apple Watch
notexactly, Mar 18 2018


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