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Strappable Notepad

So you don't have to write on your wrist
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A notepad with two velcro straps on it, so that you can strap it to your wrist. Useful for crossword addicts, clumsy waiters/waitresses, and people who consistantly forget their homework diary.
froglet, Dec 21 2005

Wrist slate http://shop.divebooty.com/2073.html
for diving. [Shz, Dec 21 2005]

(?) Hand tape dispenser http://www.ryman.co...efil-0605165090.asp
Could be easily adapted for notepaper. [rubyminky, Dec 23 2005]

For those without xenzag's muscle ear Neanderthal_20Ears
[ldischler, Dec 23 2005]

Wearable Dry-Erase Board http://www.wearnwrite.com/
Clip-on and wristband versions. [jutta, Jan 29 2011]

Kneeboard http://en.wikipedia...eboard_%28flight%29
Widely known to exist. Wrist versions are available. [8th of 7, Jan 29 2011]


       Ah, homework diaries... yes, my homework diary was always somewhere else, too.   

       Bit clunky as described, though, [froggie]. Maybe it could be combined with a watch somehow? A watch with a flip-top and a little set of Post-its underneath? Bun anyway, just for the nostalgia trip.
moomintroll, Dec 21 2005

       I have one of these, though designed for a different purpose. Will search for link.
Shz, Dec 21 2005

       I was thinking more along the lines of the paper being thinner than normal, with a softer than usual cover, so that it would fit around your wrist, kinda like those armguards for archery, except shorter.
froglet, Dec 21 2005

       Maybe something like a band-aid could be used, and detached later without being bulky.
phundug, Dec 21 2005

       Mine wouldn't fit so easily, say, under a sleeve. A surface model would be nice, just so it can be used without holding it.
Shz, Dec 21 2005

       //Maybe something like a band-aid// Image of small Egyption mummy heading off to school...
moomintroll, Dec 21 2005

       If you pronounce strappable with the accent on the second syllable (as I've done each time so far), you get a new version of the game of Scrabble which you can play on your wrist!
phundug, Dec 21 2005

       i always lose my pencil as well. it needs to address that problem too.
rainbow, Dec 21 2005

       are you a mathematician?
po, Dec 21 2005

       //i always lose my pencil as well. it needs to address that problem too.//   

       They're called ears. Stick the pencil behind your ear. Or, if you have long hair, tie up your hair and stick the pencil through it, preferably near the scalp and behind the scrunchie.
froglet, Dec 21 2005

       i am not a mathmetician. i do however regularly have to conduct spontaneous field surveys as part of my work.   

       [frog] enjoyed the sarcasm thanks but do more research. some peoples ears simply do not grip a pencil sufficiently (mine for example). i do sometimes wear my hair up in a bun with my pencil through it, a style not requiring a scrunchy actually. but what if i want to wear my hair down and still take notes?
rainbow, Dec 23 2005

       I thought you were a guy [rainbow], (bloke means male right?), not that you can't be a guy And wear your hair in a bun.
<puts other foot in mouth>
It seemed to work for Gene Simmons there for a while.

       rainbow - I have trained my left ear to snatch a pencil in mid flight, thrown from the far side of the room. Left ear is now big and strong enough to tear open a bottle of beer and crack a walnut. In contrast, right ear is still delicate like a pasta twirl. They are sort of like those knuckles that have L.O.V.E and H.A.T.E. tattooed on them. The right ear woos the girls, the left ear is for fighting and bar tricks to amuse the lads. (for froglet's idea +)
xenzag, Dec 23 2005

       currently male humanoid. scalp hair approx 566mm.   

       [zenxag] my ears would salute if they could. i am close to vincent moment. who is your guru or are you self-taught?
rainbow, Dec 23 2005

       self taught - see my gym-face-ium
xenzag, Dec 24 2005


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