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Trapper Keeper iPad Case

Trapper Keeper iPad Case
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I just opened up a time capsule of a trunk that was sealed when I was a kid. Inside was an immaculate trapper keeper, baby blue, with my stickers from 4th grade inside. This would make the BEST iPad case with relatively little modification. Or maybe Mead, before the death knells of of the digital age ring true, can pull through and remake the case.

Apple and Mead go together like PB&J in my memories of elementary school. I mean, this could be a hit. Every classroom had an Apple PC (playing Oregon Trail of course), and every classroom was full of Trapper Keepers. Instant template for commercial success!

moncureww, Jun 08 2010

Trapper & Trapper Keeper (Vintage Ad Video) http://www.youtube....watch?v=dP6Ievts6B0
"Boy! I've got to get a trapper and get my act together!" - "If you do, I'll let you ... carry my books." [jutta, Jun 08 2010]

@shanenickerson had the same idea. http://twitter.com/.../status/12361771878
[jutta, Jun 08 2010]

http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Trapper_Keeper [hippo, Jun 09 2010]


       Brilliant idea. Although the iPad isn't quite thin enough to fit into a hole punch.
jutta, Jun 08 2010

       I miss Trapper Keepers.   

       D-ring binders these days cost a fortune for some reason.
RayfordSteele, Jun 08 2010

       [jutta] surely the iPad ought to have holes (in the 'frame' that goes round the edge of the thing) so that it can be put in a standard ring-binder?
hippo, Jun 09 2010

       That would be cool. Iused to love my trapper keepers.
nomocrow, Jun 10 2010

       21, the 'improvements' are well explained in the idea. They are not utility-based improvements, mind you, but are rather marketability-based improvements. Also, in my experience, Trapper Keepers are easy to find, exceptionally rigid, and they also leave a little spacing on the inside that may help protect against false landings. None of these facets are immediately obvious with your example. [+]
daseva, Jun 10 2010


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