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shaped speedbumps

Tweety Bird, Hot dog, Stars, whatever
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I'm tired of just the regular old bumps in the middle of the road. I want somthing to keep me entertained whilst I jostle my bones and spill my coffee. I want to look out my window and catch a glimpse of Tweety Bird going by at 5-15mph. Not only do I want to see him (has anyone ever classified Tweety as being male?) I want to feel him. I want the boring old speed bump to be transfomed into an elongated shape of Tweety. Tweety's head could be at one side of the road and his feet could be at the other. Sure, the bump would have to be long to be able to get up to the hight that would cause the car to "bump," but I think it could work. Not only would it cause me to slow down, it would keep my children entertained while in the car.
barnzenen, Dec 19 2001


       This might encourage the usage of speed bumps. Anything that has the slight chance of doing so, in my book, is evil. Sorry.
jimithing, Dec 19 2001

       jimithing, by your anno do you prefer to discourage the installation of more speedbumps or discourage people from driving over them? Why do you think speedbumps or, as the case may be, driving over speedbumps, to be evil?
bristolz, Dec 19 2001

       I prefer to discourage the installation of more speedbumps, and anything that may encourage the installation -- or make the speed bumps cheery -- I wouldn't like. However, this is only my personal opinion. There are so many speed bumps around my part of town already, my car gets torn up constantly.
jimithing, Dec 19 2001

       Okay. Good thing there aren't a lot of cliffs around your part of town.
bristolz, Dec 19 2001

       Definately so.
jimithing, Dec 19 2001

       I think I could get into the idea of driving over Tweety. In fact, I might go out of my way to do so.
phoenix, Dec 19 2001

       personal hallucination speedbumps might be good - no idea how it would work unless it involved loads of alcohol and LSD. Every time you approach a speedbump it projects your own hate object. Todays hate object is .... have not got one yet.... watch this space
po, Dec 19 2001

       Electromagnetically levitated bump. Your car rises magically up wards and on its windscreen is projected the cartoon figure of the bump. Take your pick from goofy, minnie, umm...
neelandan, Dec 19 2001

       A sleeping policeman shaped like a sleeping policeman?
beauxeault, Dec 19 2001

       Brittany Spears
My boss
A driver flipping me the bird
phoenix, Dec 19 2001

       Y'all are taking this to a level I never expected. I just thought it might be neat to drive on Barney. I like the N*Sync idea too. Also, maybe there could be depressions where the eyse should be, or in the arm pits. That way not only would you bump, you would vibrate too.
barnzenen, Dec 19 2001

       What about goosebumps? Put geese on the road so that drivers have to slow down as they approach (or speed up if they have a pathological hatred of geese).
cp, Dec 20 2001

       I finally noticed that phoenix said that he *might* go out of his way to hit Tweety. Well, that makes this idea even better, I mean think of all those people flocking from all over just to run of Tweety, or N Sync or Barney or whatever. Consider the city speed controled! Shaped speed bumps are the way of the future, we won't need speed limits anymore, just a bunch of speed bums shaped like something everyone will want to drive over or hit. Oh, how about a bunch of little rats, just a whole bunch of little rat shaped things out in the road where the city needs you to slow down. I always liked running over the evil things as a teenager. Wonder if there would be a way to get the same satisfyingly squishy little crunch of when I actually hit one...   

       Ok, I think my sugar is waaay out of wack now, I will probably come back and delete this anno when its better and I'm thinking clearly. In other words, read this, and read it quickly, for it is to be terminated shortly and longly and mediumly if I can do that.
barnzenen, Jul 05 2002

       Would the speed bumps (custard-filled, I suppose) look like Tweety before or after being run over?
Matty, Jul 05 2002

       Both, no custard involved. These are the low-tech old style solid bumps molded out of concrete and asphault.
barnzenen, Jul 05 2002

       an area of town i go through regularly has strange square bumps positioned on one side of the car so that if you tried to go over the centre of them you would hit the oncoming traffic. when you go over them the strain on the chassis must be very bad ever at slower than walking pace - so im against odd shaped humps
chud, Jul 06 2002

       Tehre was an attemp to make grooved patterns in roads so as you drove over them, the wheels acted like a record stylus & made a recognisable sound, but it was too lo-fi.
pfperry, Jul 06 2002


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