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side window wipers2

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hi all.thanks for all the comments.I was expecting mixed views.first i would like to say is that i got the idea here in this forum 3 years ago.we all talk about side window wipers.this subject inspired me to do something about it.so i got to work and came up with the most fantastic concept for car windows.and believe me freefall use my wipers for one day and i could honestly say you would change your mind.especialy in the dark and pouring of rain.your vision is different then.Sorry if i offended anyone i just wanted to share my invention where i got the insperation.thanks joe
joeuk, Jun 09 2004



       Today is Wednesday   

       One idea, an account   

       That's the whole amount   

       No annos, no more   

       You've not been heard from since 2004
normzone, Nov 08 2017

       They say he was killed on the M4, something to do with side wipers
DDRopDeadly, Nov 08 2017

       No, he was "sideswiped on the M4" by a 42 tonne Montenegrin artic loaded with pickled walnuts, in a rainstorm, driven by a drunken one-eyed Uzbek granny.   

       Happens most days, apparently.
8th of 7, Nov 08 2017


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