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The Seal-Up Button

A single button that closes all windows as well as the sunroof
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In order to close all of my windows as I'm leaving the car, I need to contort my hand into a 4-finger-death-grip in order to press all 4 window buttons until they close. Even so, it's easy to mistakenly leave a window or sunroof open.

I propose a single button that rolls up all windows as well as the sunroof.

The two issues design issues: -the car must know when the window is closed -the car must know when something (like a hand) is having the window closed on it

For the first, you could simply have microswitches that are contacted at the end of the window stroke. For the second issue you could design in a clutch or slip mechanism that limits the torque the lift can apply. Such a thing already exists on most windows, but it may need to be slightly more forgiving with the Seal-Up Button.

The same button could also be used to open all the windows when you're getting in.

Dignan, Feb 02 2003


       My auto security system has this in the form of two chainable modules which will control two windows each. For control, I believe the modules monitor the feedback of amperage and voltage of the individual window motors, which lets the control 'know' when a window has reached a physical limit. User can remotely control window operation, as well as having automatic roll-up on arming. This has been available for at least the past ten years that I'm aware of, as I've installed this on my autos since around 1992.
X2Entendre, Feb 02 2003

       <Adds "fitment" to her vocabulary>
bristolz, Feb 02 2003

       Some BMWs do this when you set the alarm.
8th of 7, Feb 02 2003

       Current Volkswagen GTIs, Jettas and Passats do this when you insert the key into the door and turn it all the way and HOLD it for a second. You can open all the windows to cool the car when getting in, or close them when getting out.
krelnik, Feb 02 2003

       Heck, the remote key for my car does this and it's neither a Porsche or a VW. Think this one has to be Widely Baked.
DrCurry, Feb 02 2003

       Baked: buy it at http://www.autowindow.com Does all you say from the remote for VW, don't even have to use the key.
scottm, Mar 19 2004


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