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Remote control turn-off for your smoke alarm.
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I have been plagued with overly sensitive smoke alarms in rental apartments. In one place, if my shower was too hot (steamy) it would set off the alarm in the hall. To avoid having to get out of your tub and get a chair and rip out the battery while a horrible, loud beeping splits your head, you could just turn it off with your smoke remote. This is much preferable to just taking out the battery permenantly, which is what I usually do. A variation would be to have a detector that could detect smoke from a fire (its chemical composition maybe) as opposed to just going off when its mechanism is tripped by any thing.
brackish, Jul 15 2003

Intelligent smoke alarm http://www.halfbake...20and_20Egg_20Timer
Daft Idea. [egbert, Oct 04 2004]


       How about a 5-minute reset? That way you don't have to remember to turn it back on again.
phoenix, Jul 15 2003

       Your *shower* set off a smoke alarm? Mustabeen a short.
thumbwax, Jul 16 2003

       /A variation would be to have a detector that could detect smoke from a fire (its chemical composition maybe)/   

       Already discussed (see link)
egbert, Jul 16 2003

       Some smoke alarms activate by detecting airborne particulates. Steam clouds from a hot shower can set them off. In my college dorm room, the detectors were placed, of all places, right outside the bathroom doors. Hot showers would set them off quite reliably. Since they were all connected through a central monitoring station, if an alarm was set off in one room, the alarms sounded through the whole dorm. This was an almost weekly occurrence.
Freefall, Jul 16 2003

       ...if the remote control didn't short out from being showered with...
vendetta, Jul 16 2003


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