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ski lift karaoke

karaoke machine on chairlift
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karaoke machine is installed on chair or gondola
sukiyaki, Dec 25 2009


       Less funny every time.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 25 2009

       Perhaps you are losing your sense of humour, [MB}. Though I concede this is a particularly lame iteration of the idea. Ski lift chairs or gondolas are easy to escape from.
pocmloc, Dec 25 2009

       Indeed. Notify me upon the maiden voyage of the Karaoke Space Shuttle.
DrWorm, Dec 25 2009

       Installing it into a chair, a chairlift or gondola isn't a good idea, but installing it into a gondola lift could be. When skiing one might take long time to back to the top of the mountain, and if the scenery is too exciting, I can understand that one might want to sing out loud...
Inyuki, Dec 25 2009

       that's it no more karaoke+trapped area please
sukiyaki, Dec 26 2009

xenzag, Dec 26 2009


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