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Recycled Karaoke

Creative usage of crusty tunes
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Go to a karaoke evening but sing a completely new, pre-written or improvised set of lyrics for each song. You could rescue good tunes from crappy songs, pick and mix by singing the lyrics for a different song entirely, or just change the lyrics so they comment in some way on the original song. Karaoke artists could become as famous as DJ's are now. There could be famous free-form jazz improv karaoke specialists, turning the whole idea from an amateur free-for-all to something closer to a traditional gig (I know the whole idea of karaoke is that anyone can join in, but that has obviously failed, leaving us with tedious evenings that aren't even funny, and earache!)


pawnpusher, Jul 31 2001


       ok point taken, there's a long history of musical parody where a song is slightly altered to send it up, agreed. But I think there may be some life left in this one (?) Take out "change the lyrics so they comment in some way on the original song" and add the proviso "Not for comedy effect but instead with the intention of producing an entirely new song". Un-baked?
pawnpusher, Jul 31 2001

       Baked: Theres a Terrance Trent Derby(sp?) song which sounds, to my ears, just like `girl from ipamema`. Then theres a song by Farm which is actually some old 60`s song. At a stretch the Beatles `all you need is love` is the French national anthem (or at least, bits of it are). I`m sure there are more!
Pallex, Jul 31 2001

       'Elizabeth My Dear' by The Stone Roses is just an arrangement of Scarborough Fair with lyrics about killing the Queen sung over it.
-alx, Jul 31 2001


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