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Capitalize on Modern Sampling Techniques and Inexplicable Remake Craze
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We now have an entire music industry that is based on sampling other music.

Use state of the art computerized music sampling techniques to produce remakes of your favorite classic. Results would range from the audio equivalent of a Mona Lisa done in graphic segments to Madonna singing American Pie

theircompetitor, Jan 07 2004


       I can't vote one way or the other because I'm not sure at all what you're proposing.
DrAstroZoom, Jan 07 2004

       DrAstroZoom: Sample (or syntehsize) to find the right pitch/right word combination, and build up the song phrase by phrase. In the same way that you could have a picture made ouf of thousands of small pictures.
theircompetitor, Jan 07 2004

       Its called a 'remix' and it can be seen from A Flock of Seagulls to Zebrahead. Techno remixes, covers, samlping, the works. I recall a Rush techno remix that I almost threw-up at hearing.
Letsbuildafort, Jan 07 2004

       Not a remix - recreation of existing tune by painstaking sampling process, a la DJ Shadow, but shorn of originality.   

       [Lbaf], I suggest you get "Horrormone (Horrorist Remix)" by Dave Tarrida. It's bad for you.
calum, Jan 07 2004

       im sure all those wasted japanese in karoke bars will love this. but the sober folks around sure as hell wont. +
Space-Pope, Jan 07 2004

       I'll go download it now, [calum].
Letsbuildafort, Jan 07 2004

       //Having said that, the day Maddona sang American Pie was really the day the music died.//   

       I think you borrowed that somewhere
theircompetitor, Jan 08 2004

       //Having said that, the day Maddona sang American Pie was really the day the music died.//   

       ouch...but i do have to agree.
babyhawk, Jan 08 2004

       //Having said that, the day Maddona sang American Pie was really the day the music died.//   

       And I thought it was when Kelly Osborne "sang" Papa Don't Preach.
GenYus, Jan 08 2004

       hmmmmm...maybe. I may give the two a tie. :)
babyhawk, Jan 08 2004

       no way is Papa Don't Preach in American Pie league
theircompetitor, Jan 08 2004

       Papa Don't Preach Pie, American ... Wierd Al unavailable for comment ...
Letsbuildafort, Jan 08 2004

       so would Wierd Al imatate a Kelly dressed like Madonna, or a Madonna dressed like Kelly??   

       Or the ever controversal cast of American Pie??
babyhawk, Jan 08 2004

       borrowed as in sampled.   

       Am I just that unfunny? It must be the font.
theircompetitor, Jan 08 2004


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