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sound-transparent window

let's the natural sounds in
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Maybe for northern rural homes only - with mics on the outside , speakers on the inside, volume control , noise limiter.
M Carter, Jan 23 2008


       No I want this in the city, I love all the city sounds!!!!
futurebird, Jan 23 2008

       This is interesting. It might be possible to implement using triple-pane glass: use the outer pane as a microphone, isolation provided by a (relatively thick/dense) middle pane, and speaker formed from the inside pane.   

       + for the concept.
csea, Jan 23 2008

       // almost rural //   

       Hull seems to be attempting the transition from "rural" to "maritime" to "marine" to "sub-marine" ....
8th of 7, Jan 23 2008

       I live by the railway and have incredibly well soundproofed walls and windows. Maybe I could get a feed from outside your window? That would be better.
wagster, Jan 23 2008

       Open the window?
DrCurry, Jan 23 2008

       It would be fun to be able to hear what people were talking about, outside in the city. I wouldn't want all the traffic noises though; any way to filter those out?
phundug, Jan 23 2008

       A directional boom should suit your purposes. I've seen things in articles and TV shows which do just that - check out your local spy store.
DrCurry, Jan 23 2008

       Open the window? It's very cold outside. But then, there will not be so many birds, in winter. Definitely might want to select your 'outside' over a menu of Web feeds.   

       Described in -'piped in nature -'
M Carter, Jan 24 2008

       A giant pinna on the outside wall of your house then ?
wjt, Jan 24 2008

       I like it but...my dog would probably lose her mind.   

       You can always give her yours, you don't need it .....
8th of 7, Jan 24 2008

       What this needs is a good neologism. How about 'transsonant', with a nicely venomous hiss in the middle?
pertinax, Jan 24 2008

       Just because I am not currently using it doesn't automatically indicate a lack of need.   

       // Just because I am not currently using it //   

       The case for the prosecution rests, M'Lud.
8th of 7, Jan 24 2008

       Wouldn't a double-glazed screen-door be cheaper than all this microphone malarky?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 24 2008

       I made a 4 layer polyethelene door, each layer 3/4" apart, stretched taut around an inner then outer frame of 5 cm dia. PVC pipe. That's when I got hip to the outside sounds while still enjoying decent insulation. But a lousy see-thru.   

       When it opened and closed it made a nice toooonngg. And the rounded edges were welcome. Why aren't doors made with soft rounded edges?   

       It was transsssonant!
M Carter, Jan 25 2008

       I was framed I tells ya.   

       Bird crashes into the window, wakes the dog, who runs howling through the polyethylene screen door.
Sparkyplugclean, Sep 15 2009


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